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PublisherFDG Entertainment
Latest Version1.1.4
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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As you know, the role-playing genre has always been one of the most popular games in the world. Coming to the usual role-playing games like Evertale or Another Eden, players will be free to adventure in the vast open-world along with doing everything they want without having to suffer any restrictions. Therefore, role-playing games always won the hearts of many players around the world. And they are willing to spend a certain amount of money to be able to experience.

In this article, we will introduce you to a completely free role-playing game called Oceanhorn (MOD, Unlimited Money). As the name implies, players will be taken to the sea adventure and battle with many different threats to be able to find ancient treasures. Is it really interesting, right? But before experiencing, let us review some interesting details surrounding this game.

Extremely fascinating story

In casual role-playing games, the storyline is always one of the very well-invest elements and Oceanhorn is no exception. This game was publisher by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG and it is integrated with the extremely diverse plot to make players feel exciter right from the first experience. Basically, this game is mainly about the land of Arcadia where the story of a young man set out to search for his missing father.

Meanwhile, the land of Arcadia is being invade by the forces of darkness. Making all the creatures living here gradually become fierce monsters and lose their minds. The only way to get this place back to normal is that our young man must find the treasures. That symbolize the Earth and Water elements, and then defeat the giant Boss. This is a really difficult journey, our young man needs a true companion and that’s you. Join Oceanhorn, the player will have to try to help this guy achieve his wish which is to find his father and free the land of Arcadia.

The integrated control system is relatively intuitive

Basically, this game uses a hidden virtual key system. This means that the left half of the screen can be pressed down to control movement. And the right half adjusts the camera up or down. Therefore, players will find it easier to control their characters during the experience. Besides, Oceanhorn is also optimized when only one keypress on the right to perform most tasks such as attacking, interacting or picking items.

Overall, the in-game combat system is relatively suitable for a game on a mobile platform, in-game matches are design to challenge in many different ways. The system of puzzles is very interesting, including the application of switches and levers, looking for secret vines on the wall that you can climb. All these factors will certainly make it impossible for players to take their eyes off the phone screen during the experience.

The gameplay is not too much of a difference on Oceanhorn

Just like other role-playing games on the gaming market today, in Oceanhorn, you will explore the islands on the Uncharted Seas. A world full of dangers, riddles, and secrets. Fight monsters, learn how to use magic, and explore ancient treasures that will help you carry out your mission. Use all your wits and skills to unravel the mysteries of the ancient kingdom of Arcadia and the sea monster Oceanhorn.

Basically, most of the places that you adventure during the game experience are directly link to the built-in tasks. Therefore, read carefully the requirements of each mission to be able to complete quickly and receive valuable booty. Besides, the side quests scattered along the journey, the opportunity to collect experience points. And countless spells waiting to unlock, all lead the player into the beautiful Arcadia world. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game via the APK link below the article to experience immediately.

Graphics create a strong impression

The graphics in Oceanhorn are also one of the special factors that make it extremely attractive to players. But instead of having sharp graphics, they have been slightly modified in appearance. So that players can easily feel the excitement during the journey in the game.

Besides, players also enjoy great sound from the best game music makers in the world at the present time during enjoying the game. Through this game, players will feel like they are immers in a fantasy world with beautiful gardens placed next to each other. Or the hills rise like a large Lego piece.

General assessment on Oceanhorn

With what is built-in, Oceanhorn deserves to achieve more than 100 thousand installs on Google Play. This will definitely bring you the excitement as well as the thrill of controlling your character to certain land. If you are bored with traditional role-playing games, try Oceanhorn experience, we believe it will not make you feel disappointed.

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