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NameMy Talking Tom Friends
Latest Version1.2.1.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very new pet game, was publisher by Outfit7 Limited. Rated as a relatively successful publisher thanks to previous products such as Talking Tom Camp or Talking Tom Hero Dash. Whether this game really stands out than the previous products, let us find out right away.

Introduce My Talking Tom Friends

If you are a long-time player, you will surely know the famous My Talking series from publisher Outfit7 Limited. This series mainly talks about the lives of pets in the house and you will directly transform into their owners during the experience. This means that the player will have to ensure that their pet is always in the healthiest and most fun state, you will play with them or prepare a big party to help your pet reach the best condition.

Most games of the My Talking series only require players to take care of 1 pet during the enjoyment process. This will easily make players bored because there will not be too much new happening for your pet. Therefore, publisher Outfit7 Limited has decided to create a game with the presence of all the characters that have made their names such as Tomcat, Hank dog, Angela cat,… called My Talking Tom Friends.

How to play familiar

Basically, the gameplay of My Talking Tom Friends will not have too much change compared to the games of the previous My Talking series. Therefore, players will not take too much time to get acquainted with the operations built in this game. Instead of taking care of a pet, as usual, players will have to take care of many available characters and you need to log into the game regularly to look after them.

There will be lots of pets appearing on the experience screen. So making sure they are always in the best state is not a simple task at all. Because every pet in My Talking Tom Friends will have completely different characteristics and hobbies, you need to get acquainted with them in a certain amount of time if you want to become a friendly owner. In general, every action of the player in this game is done through a few very simple operations. So you should not be too worried about the first experience of the game.

Own the great decor

The decorative furniture is one of the indispensable elements in the game My Talking and My Talking Tom Friends is a game that gives players a relatively large house. And you will have to take your pets to different areas whenever they need it. For example, the cat Tom needs to go to bed, you will take him to the bedroom, or take the cat Angela to the bath whenever she asks, …

With each successful pet demand, the player will receive a certain amount of money. This money will help you more comfortable spending, but please spend money exactly to avoid wasting happening. Besides, you should change the types of furniture in the house regularly to not be bored when enjoying the game for a long time. There are many options such as sofas, beds, bathtubs, washbasins, etc. So you will not have too much difficulty finding the items that best suit your preferences.

Graphics are sharp, colorful

Like most other games from Outfit7 Limited publisher, My Talking Tom Friends is equipped with 3D graphics format and meticulous visuals. The details in the game are described excellently, bringing a bit of fun entertainment. You will have to take care of them from being a boy or a girl until growing up to feel the fun of this game brings. Overall, the graphics quality of My Talking Tom Friends really makes us feel extremely impressed.

MOD and APK version of My Talking Tom Friends

Usually, games of the My Talking genre require players to experience the game regularly if they want to buy the things they love when they experience. My Talking Tom Friends is no exception, so you need to spend a very long time to accumulate a large amount of money in this game. However, when using the MOD version at our site, everything will be extremely easy. You will get the feature unlimited money, this will help you comfortably buy anything you love without having to experience the game too much.

How to install My Talking Tom Friends

  1. Uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it earlier.
  2. Visit the blog, search for the keyword My Talking Tom Friends, and download the MOD version at the end of this article.
  3. Allow unknown access on your mobile phone. Start installing the downloaded APK file and wait until the process finishes.
  4. The game icon will appear with the words “My Talking Tom Friends by MODPLAY.iO”. Then you just need to visit the game to get unlimited money unlimited.

Note: This guide applies to the original APK version, wish you have a great experience on our website.

Download My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

My Talking Tom Friends is a game that has just been released in the early 2020s. This game has really been greatly improved from the gameplay to the quality of graphics. All of this is only to give players the best experience from the first time to enjoy. Currently, you can download My Talking Tom Friends on both App Store and Google Play completely free so do not miss this opportunity.

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide

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