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NameMinecraft Earth
Latest Version2019.1125.19.0
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It can be noticed, it’s not difficult to find a game of Minecraft style on the game market today. We can list some of the products that own similar gameplay to Minecraft such as Minecraft or Pixel Gun. However, have you ever thought about experiencing this game in the most realistic style possible? Yes, we’re talking about AR technology – it will make it possible for games to connect directly to the outside world easily through sophisticated built-in algorithms. If you are looking for a game like that, then Minecraft Earth APK will definitely be a choice not to be missed in the present time. So what is this game more outstanding than other products? Join us to find out now.

How is Minecraft Earth?

Basically, this game was released a long time ago but still captured the favorite of many players in the present time. When appearing, Minecraft Earth has made the outside world really become a large playground full of creative bricks created by the players. Currently, this game is still being updated regularly to give players the best possible experience.

With a blocky open-world style, allowing gamers to unleash creativity and build anything they want, Minecraft Earth promises to give players moments of extremely interesting experience right on your phone. Besides, this game is also equipped with augmented reality (AR) elements so everything in the game will become extremely vivid and interact directly with the outside world. Are you ready to create massive structures right in your home yet? Download this game and enjoy it now.

Create an extremely vivid open world

Similar to Pokemon Go, players will enter the virtual reality world to collect the necessary materials to serve the purpose of constructing the desired works. Basically, the necessary materials will be available all over the world and randomly integrated. This means that players will have to move continuously and to many different locations if they want to collect the materials they want.

Besides, Minecraft Earth allows players to see building elements in the real world and interact with them in different ways. Therefore, this game makes a difference by bringing players permanent structures over time. Of course, you can also destroy them to create new constructions in the future.

Typical adventure gameplay

Before starting the construction process in Minecraft Earth MOD APK, players will be tasked with exploring the real world to collect resources and complete challenges. This will help you understand the gameplay that this game brings from the first experience. Besides, do not forget to hone your survival skills because there will be many other opponents willing to defeat you to steal important resources during the experience.

To help players always feel busy while enjoying the game, the publisher Mojang has integrated many small tasks that you can collaborate with other players to complete the mission. In general, the play of Minecraft Earth will not change too much compared to Minecraft to help players can easily get acquainted in a short time. Everything will be visually displayed through the combination of traditional AR-style which will definitely make you feel extremely excited.

Interact with other players

An interesting feature that makes Minecraft Earth stand out is that it allows players to interact directly with other players around the world through an internet connection. This means that you and your friends can be together at the same time. Besides, after completing a certain project, you can also share it with players around the world. They will suggest or jointly redesign the project in a more positive way than the original. However, they can easily destroy your work, but don’t worry because it’s just a copy and what you make still exists.

Familiar 8-bit graphics

In order to make Minecraft Earth most similar to Minecraft, the publisher Mojang decided to keep the familiar 8-bit graphics style. This will help reduce the display quality of this game significantly. But you should not be too disappointed, because AR technology will make everything more harmonious and balanced on the experience screen. Compared to Minecraft, the world of Minecraft Earth is much larger and more realistic thanks to mapping data based on OpenStreetMap, thereby creating interesting adventures in the game.

Download and ready for adventure

As mentioned, Minecraft Earth is an extremely interesting game and it allows players to create everything without having to follow any rules. Besides, the gameplay in the game will have a direct connection to the real-world so you will always feel the excitement during the experience.

If you are a liberal and always want to move to do what you like, Minecraft Earth will certainly be a perfect choice in the present time. What are you waiting for? Discover a whole new side of your area by creating great works and see how it grows over time. We believe this game will not disappoint you with what it offers.

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