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NameMetal Squad
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Rambo game may not be too strange for each of us, it was launched nearly two decades ago but still makes players feel excited during the experience. Although the development of the game market is always changing over time, this game still receives a lot of support from players around the world. Recognizing the strong development potential of Rambo, the publishers of mobile games have released quite a lot of products “stealing ideas” from the above Rambo game. For example, the appearance of Metal Soldiers 2 or Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Recently, the famous publisher ONESOFT also released a game that can be said to be similar to the products mentioned above, its name is Metal Squad (MOD, Unlimited Money) – an action game combined with a role-playing style that promises to bring you moments of a great experience.

Infiltrate the enemy’s base

Basically, the gameplay of the Metal Squad will not change too much compared to other similar products in the current game market. Players will still be transformed into a brave soldier with the mission to infiltrate the enemy base and destroy all enemies in each game screen to be able to win. The special thing is that each of your enemies in this game will be equipped with completely different weapons, so destroying them is not easy at all. Therefore, players need to observe the situation very carefully in order to grasp their weaknesses and exploit them properly.

Besides, you will be able to use many different weapons at all kinds of power levels such as knives, bombs, shotguns, rifles … throughout this dangerous journey. Remember that each weapon will bring unique power in each specific situation so you need to use them wisely as possible. Be ready to face the dangerous challenges ahead in Metal Squad if you want to overcome the whole game screen that this game brings.

The extremely intuitive control mechanism

Referring to the Metal Squad MOD APK, we cannot help but mention the extremely familiar control mechanism that this game brings. Specifically, the control keys in the game are integrated relatively harmoniously on the experience screen to make players feel excited and easy to get used right from the first time. You can use the virtual steering wheel button located on the left of the screen to help your character move continuously to evade powerful attacks from the enemy.

In addition, do not forget to use the function keys such as jumping, shooting, throwing grenades, healing, … in each appropriate situation to be able to destroy all enemies in a snap. It is also the entire control manipulation integrated into this game, players need to take a certain amount of time to get used to and master them. In general, there are quite a few operations in Metal Squad but you will not have too much trouble in using them.

Fight with the powerful forces

Initially, players will be taken to the relatively simple screen to be able to get used to how the Metal Squad works in the shortest amount of time. Here, you will face enemies that are not too strong so destroy them as quickly as possible to save yourself time.

After that, things will become more difficult as the opponents become stronger and equipped with many advanced weapons. If you are not careful, you will be defeated by them in a few normal shots. Please act quickly and observe the situation carefully before facing any enemy during the game experience.

After the shootings to destroy the enemy, the player will be faced with powerful bosses at the end of each level. These bosses are usually characters with a huge appearance and designed completely differently from the rest of the game. This means that they are also equipped with extremely powerful and advanced weapons, most bosses will release bullets continuously, making the player have a lot of difficulties in controlling the character of I moved. Therefore, you need to defeat him as quickly as possible if you do not want to start the game from the beginning.

Beautiful and colorful graphics

It can be noticed that Metal Squad APK is one of the “Rambo” plagiarism game titles that own the most beautiful graphics quality on the current game market. The publisher ONESOFT has taken great care in terms of graphics for their products, so you will experience the sharpest and most vivid images throughout the enjoyment of the game. Thereby it depicted successfully the top-notch shooting scenes between the characters in the game with the built-in AI opponents. Besides, the transition effect in the game is also shown extremely smooth and stable on many different devices.


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1. Unlimited Money

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General summary

Through Metal Squad, players will enjoy the number of screens extremely diverse built-in. Here, you will face a lot of enemies and participate in the confrontation with the monumental Boss system from the first time to enjoy. The special thing is that this game is designed in the style of scrolling scenes on the horizontal screen so players will easily observe everything going on around them. Thereby making the decision to attack as well as dodge the attacks of the enemy in the most appropriate way possible.

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