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NameMefarm The Monsters Island
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If you have ever experienced farm games like Family Island and Farming Simulator 20, you will definitely enjoy what Mefarm The Monsters Island APK has to offer. This is a fairly new product because it was just released on the market not so long ago by MonstersDev. Because of this late launch, the game has inherited many unique features of the same category products. Along with that, the publisher MonstersDev has been creative in many aspects of the game, and they are constantly improving more by regularly updating new features. Therefore, you can feel secure with Mefarm The Monsters Island because its appeal will surely surprise you. Let’s learn about it a bit.

Owning a vast farm

When participating in Mefarm The Monsters Island, players will own a large farm divided into many different areas. There is a lot of vacant lands that allow you to grow a variety of crops or raise sheep, cows, chickens … In general, there are many tasks integrated into this game and they require players to spend time to complete. As can be seen, the gameplay of Mefarm The Monsters Island is not much different from the usual farm games. However, you will feel very relaxed by the peaceful space and romantic scenery that this game brings. This is really a great game if you are a player who loves the simplicity and light entertainment.

Breeding and cultivation

Most of the players who experience Mefarm The Monsters Island are intereste in participating in farm jobs such as breeding and farming. As you know, these are not high-paying jobs but they are the basis for human and animal life and development. Cultivation and animal husbandry help to create an abundant food source – the source of material for the daily nutritious food. However, not everyone has the opportunity to experience these jobs and if you are too, Mefarm The Monsters Island game is definitely an interesting choice for you.

Regarding the cultivation problem, players first need to perform the work of plowing the soil in a certain area. Then buy seeds at the store and sow them. At the game’s store, you can easily find many different types of seeds like grapes, onions, beans, carrots, pumpkins, wood… And to own them, you need to spend a corresponding amount. As you know, for seeds to grow, take care of them by watering and fertilizing. So don’t forget to do this. After a certain time, players can harvest them and sell them to make more profits.

For animal husbandry, Mefarm The Monsters Island offers players some familiar pets like sheep, dairy cow, chicken, duck … They can provide eggs, milk, and you can collect the results of each day. With the money earned through the sale of agricultural products, players can use them to buy new costumes for your character or accumulate them to invest in future important projects in the future. So, work hard to expand and grow your farm, earn more income and have fun participating in Mefarm The Monsters Island.

Simple control system

As an idle game, Mefarm The Monsters Island has an extremely simple control system to help players easily get used to and manipulate right on the phone screen. In the left corner of the screen is a virtual steering wheel to control characters moving left, right, up and down. In addition, no other required controllers are displaye on the screen. Therefore, all operations in this game are extremely simple and you can easily experience with both hands.

Besides, in the upper right corner of the screen are two bars showing the number of diamonds and the amount of money in the player’s account. In particular, with diamonds, they can help you accelerate the task completion process. However, use them properly because you cannot have them easily. In addition, clicking on the camera icon, players can take a picture of their farm and save it to the phone’s gallery. This is considere an interesting feature that allows players to review or share their work with other players through social networking sites. Enjoy moments of great experience with Mefarm The Monsters Island by downloading the game via the Google Play app. However, this installation needs a little fee. If you want to use it for free, you can click on the link below to download it immediately.

Mefarm The Monsters Island is suitable for many players

In addition to the unique features introduced above, Mefarm The Monsters Island also draws attention to the gaming community thanks to its graphics. Most of the scenes in the game are describe with bright colors along with cute cartoon style design. This contributes to making the game suitable for the majority of players in the world, especially children. Therefore, although it was release not so long ago, Mefarm The Monsters Island has achieve a relatively large number of installations and it promises to become even more popular in the current market. What is the future of this game? Can it surpass other competitors in the same category? Please post a comment about the game after the experience so that the publisher can improve it further in the future.

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