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NameMarvel Duel
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In the time when the card game genre is returning extremely strong on the market, the publisher Netease Games Global continues to launch products Marvel Duel APK. This game has a traditional card style but combines fighting action style with the Marvel universe background. Therefore, it promises to bring an extremely great experience that you should not miss at the moment.

Introduce Marvel Duel

Perhaps most players do not feel too strange with the name Marvel because this is a famous brand in both the field of cinema and mobile games. Not stopping with superhero movies on the small screen, Marvel has collaborated with many game publishers to create products based on their own storylines and typical characters.

Specifically, you may know the MARVEL Future Fight – an RPG game developed between Marvel and Netmarble or MARVEL Strike Force – a product of the tactical action genre developed by FoxNext Games with the contribution of the Marvel brand. Or most recently, they also teamed up with NetEase Games to launch the latest card game – Marvel Duel. This game possesses new features to bring a different experience than its predecessors. I think you should also try it now.

Familiar card gameplay

It can be seen that the card-playing style is gradually dominating the market in the recent period. Its pivotal feature is that it doesn’t require as much screen manipulation as action RPGs; instead, it requires a tactical element in each direct battle between the two gamers. The appeal of this genre has led to an explosion of many games on the market, so maybe you’re not too surprised with the gameplay of Marvel Duel.

Generally, when playing Marvel Duel, players need to collect hero tokens in the Marvel universe, then use and combine them to defeat monsters across the galaxy. When it is his turn, the player summons a hero from among the collected cards and uses his power to attack the opponent.

Note, your opponent also owns some cards that you may not know before. However, instead of bothering with this, players should do their duty well. Each card will have its own strength and skills, they can be strong or weak depending on the amount of gold you spend to own them. However, each hero can maximize their power when used properly by the player. This is the tactical element that any card game has.

Character system

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With the contribution of the Marvel brand, it will not be too strange for Marvel Duel to integrate an extremely diverse and familiar character system with the original, especially in appearance. In terms of skill, fans of superhero movies in the Marvel movie universe will probably recognize the newness right from the first experience. However, this newness is not much in Marvel Duel.

Players will quickly realize that familiar characters like Iron Man have the ability to use energy thrusters to damage enemies, or Thor – a superhero possessing a magic hammer that can summon thunder and cause critical damage … Of course, there are more than in this game and you should experience it yourself and discover them.

Customize the character

Unlike other games with contributions from Marvel, Marvel Duel has built-in character customization. Players can unlock new outfits for card characters, thereby changing both the appearance and skills of the character. Just like the original version, our superheroes will gradually be upgraded in many aspects. Through each episode, especially the improvement in costumes.

For example, Spider-Man was given the advanced armor by Iron Man in Infinity War. And he used it until later in private films instead of the previous cloth suit.

Game mode

Marvel Duel offers two game modes that allow players to fight in different areas. In adventure mode, you will in turn experience battles to compete with AI. After accumulating enough experience, you can unlock the next screen to accept new challenges. Meanwhile, the PvP mode allows gamers to fight directly with other players in the same category.

This is a place where you can face many difficulties, through which. The game also requires gamers to be creative in tactics to deal with formidable opponents. In particular, in this mode, you can accumulate experience after each match to rank up. Of course, increasing rank only happens when you win, on the contrary, the loss will cause you to lose experience points.

High-end graphics

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If you think that card games are often not well invested in graphics then Marvel Duel will make you think again. The images in this game are relatively meticulously designed. And they are also combined with beautiful combat effects that contribute to the authenticity of the fierce battlefield. Besides, the audio system is also a highlight that we want to mention.

Every time a card uses skill and attacks an opponent. The player will witness an impressive video with lighting effects, vivid sound and the whole process of the battle. In general, I appreciate the graphical aspect of Marvel Duel. And you should also try it once for the most accurate comment.

How to download and install Marvel Duel

Note: Opening head, you need to uninstall the Google Play version before installing the original APK version. If not, you will have installation errors or copyright from NetEase Games.

Step 1: You need to visit the website, then search for the keyword Marvel Duel to download the APK + OBB version at the end of the article.

Step 2: Move the OBB file -> “” to the Android/Obb folder in the archive DATA. Then, you proceed to install the original APK file, wait for the process to finish.

Step 3: Installation is complete, a game logo will appear with the words “Marvel Duel by MODPLAY.iO”

Step 4: Access the game and enjoy one of the most anticipated card collecting games in 2020.

Marvel Duel APK Download for Android

In the current market, it is not difficult for you to find a card game of your liking. However, Marvel Duel will be a perfect choice for gamers to experience fascinating tactical battles on the excellent graphics and sound platform. Therefore, click on the link below this article to download the game and play it quickly. Do not miss the exciting experience of this hot game.

MOD Features:

  • God Mode (Comming Soon)
  • One Hit (Comming Soon)
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