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Mario Kart Tour APK is the first racing game from the publisher of Nintendo on mobile platforms. Previously, they only released a few products in the style of Endless Run and focused on developing games on other platforms such as Console, PC, or Xbox. Therefore, the appearance of Mario Kart Tour is an affirmation that this publisher is ready to compete directly with other competitors in the mobile gaming market. This is a game of traditional racing style but greatly simplified to help it become more suitable for most players around the world. Maybe this game does not bring you the fierce racing like Car Simulator 2 or Rebel Racing. But we believe that you will feel the special excitement during the experience. Join us to learn a few outstanding elements that this game brings now.

About Mario Kart Tour

At the moment, Mario is no longer appearing as much as before but is still considered one of the most influential figures in the development of the gaming industry worldwide. For the past 25 years, the famous Mario game has stood firm in the market and brought huge revenue to Nintendo publisher. This friendly bearded man has also become an everlasting symbol for Nintendo and the gaming market.

Recognizing the development potential of this celebrity, Nintendo has continued to exploit and create its latest product called Mario Kart Tour. This game allows players to take a trip around the world with Mario and his friends, racing karts and attacking each other to reach the finish line first. Will Mario Kart Tour achieve the same success as the previous products from the publisher Nintendo? Please wait a little longer for the most accurate answers.

Endless racing

In this game, players will be transformed into one of three characters, Mario, Wario, or Toad to perform endless racing screens throughout the experience. Its gameplay will not change too much compared to the usual racing games on the gaming market. Specifically, players need to control their cars moving quickly and reasonably to be the first to finish in each race.

In general, players need only one finger to control the cars in the Mario Kart Tour move quickly. Everything will be greatly simplified compared to other racing games on the gaming market. So you will not encounter any obstacles right from the first time to enjoy.

Use power-ups appropriately

There will be quite a lot of power-ups available throughout the map to help you easily overcome other opponents thanks to the outstanding features that they bring. During the race, you should focus on observing everything around you so that you can own the important power-ups before being stolen by the opponent. These power-ups will play a relatively important role in each racing screen. Because they can help you shorten the distance or outrun the opponent easily.

In certain game modes, the ultimate goal is not always the first position after each race. Additional game modes like Vs. Mega Bowser and Goomba Takedown with huge bonuses require players to have a different approach to gameplay. And careful preparation of strategy if they want to win

Collect karts, characters

The next highlight coming from Mario Kart Tour is the fact that it integrates kart system as well as extremely diverse characters. According to official information from Nintendo. The game has all 35 characters but in addition to the three names mentioned above. If you want to own more, you need to pay a certain amount. This means that players need to experience the game for a long time to be able to own all the characters they love in this game.

The number of karts in the game is also quite rich. Each type of vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you need to research the information carefully about a certain vehicle before making a purchase to avoid waste.


However, it may be because the publisher Nintendo wants to keep simple. And characteristic drawings for Mario – one of the characters associated with the childhood of many people around the world. This means that the game will not have top-notch graphics quality. But we believe it will not disappoint you with what is available.

MOD APK version of Mario Kart Tour

MOD Feature:

  • Comming Soon

Note: Mario Kart Tour will not release the MOD version, because the copyright is very expected for everyone to understand. With some websites, there are MOD versions that are fake and deceptive. Therefore, we recommend that everyone should know that the official information is censored through the publisher Nintendo. Wishing everyone happy moments with us!

Mario Kart Tour APK Download for Android

Mario Kart Tour is still a racing game identical to the previous version on the PC platform. But there have been significant improvements to help players get a better experience. They try to integrate new features to bring players fierce competition during the experience. Along with meeting the characters associated with childhood that will surely make you not take my eyes off the phone screen. Nintendo strongly hopes that Mario Kart Tour can become a new standard in the Mario style racing game for mobile platforms.

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4.5/5 - (2 votes)