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NameManor Matters
Latest Version2.2.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars
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Do you love discovering mysteries? If so, please come to Manor Matters MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) – the game in the genre of adventure combining extremely beautiful interior decoration. It will surely satisfy your curiosity about the secrets during the adventure.

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Introduce about Manor Matters

Manor Matters is a new game in the game collection of Playrix – the publisher is very familiar with a large number of players worldwide. You may have heard or experienced one of their games for yourself like Gardenscapes. It is the game with their highest downloads – 100 million and has 4.3 out of 5 ratings from over 9 million users. After Gardenscapes, Manor Matters was launched with great expectations that will follow the success of its predecessor. It is off to a pretty good start, having reached over 1 million installs on Google Play right now. So could it become even more popular? Please wait a while for an answer.


In the game, the player will be the heir to billionaire Christopher Burke – a person who has been missing for many years and leaves a mansion with many valuables. Is this good news? Suddenly, from an ordinary person, you become rich when inheriting all the valuable assets. Everything seems easy, doesn’t it? Certainly, it will contain certain mysteries that the player needs to clarify. Let’s start this adventure in Manor Matters to join the protagonist to explore fascinating and thrilling stories.

As time has passed, Christopher Burke’s mansion has become old and messy. Therefore, upon moving here, you need to start cleaning up and fixing everything. There are a lot of tasks every day and this will keep the player feeling busy. However, do not worry, a butler named Carl will help you through your adventure. He has been living in this mansion for more than 10 years, so he will give you the information you need to uncover all secrets.

Mission system

The typical mission in Manor Matters is a game of finding objects. Whenever the player wants to do something, will have to find some of the objects the game requires. For example, when the player first arrives at the mansion, they need a key to open the door and go inside. To find that key, they have to complete a few small tasks such as finding objects or animals such as cats, dogs.

Note: Each mission is limited to a certain time period. That means if you’re not fast, you lose. However, the game also gives gamers some help to get things done without effort. For example, enlarge the image to find objects easier or increase the time limit.


Function buttons are visually displayed on the screen. Therefore, the player does not need to spend much time finding them when they need it. When you want to decorate, just click on the desired item and drag them to the position. In addition, when looking for objects, players can slide their hands left, right, up, or down to see the surroundings easily. In the game, in addition to Carl, you will also meet other characters that contribute to the story that interests you. Pay attention to the words displayed on the screen to understand each person’s story. This will give you more information needed to uncover the mysteries of the old mansion.

In addition, when going up to high levels, players will have the opportunity to unlock new areas in the house. The wider the map, the more clues you will have. At the same time, completing new quests will also give more stars and experience to buy decorative items.


The graphic style of Manor Matters is no different from its predecessors in the publisher Playrix’s collection. The image is designed in a cartoon style on a high-end 3D graphics platform. Thanks to that, they become extremely sharp and realistic. In addition, the colors and context in the game are quite bright, along with the gentle sound, contributing to a fun and relaxing experience for all gamers. In general, the graphics are the most prominent aspect of this game in particular and the Playrix games in general. It makes all players feel satisfied.

MOD APK version of Manor Matters

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Stars

How to Install APK + MOD of Manor Matters

  1. Click one of the links below to download the Manor Matters APK + MOD file across multiple platforms, including mobile and PC.
  2. If you download the game on mobile, please do the following extra steps: Go to settings, search for game information, go to advanced and turn on the feature that allows drawing on unknown apps. This ensures for MOD features to play on your device.
  3. Finally, turn on the game and enjoy it.

Download Manor Matters MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Manor Matters is an exciting adventure game where players can freely explore the story, decorate objects, and participate in fun quests. With the simple gameplay and extremely beautiful graphics, the game will definitely be a great choice for entertainment on the phone. Download it now and go directly into this memorable adventure. Countless interesting things are waiting for you.

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