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Voodoo publisher is a familiar name to the community of players, especially those who love the simple game. Most recently, the community continued to stir when this publisher launched its latest product, it called Make it perfect MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Looking at the title, it’s quite easy to imagine what you will experience in the game. Yes, players will make everything perfect in the hundreds of exciting levels that the game brings. Are you ready? Try experience Make it perfect to wake up the perfectionist within you.


We don’t want to mention too much about Voodoo because you can find the necessary information about them in many previous posts on our website. However, when we mention this publisher, we often call them “the king of simple games”. Why? This is simply because most of the products they release are in the ordinary simple category, meaning they possess easy-to-understand gameplay, easy controls, and no big investment in graphics or features. You can find these features in their typical games like Draw Climber and Woodturning.

Just like the previous “brothers”, Make it perfect will also be a simple puzzle game with hundreds of different levels to bring new and challenging experiences. Although its gameplay is quite easy to understand and get used to, the difficulty through each level is a challenge for good game players. Not everyone can completely conquer the game because the difficulty is infinite. Does this make you excited?


Although it is a simple game, Make it perfect is still integrated with a small story to explain its play. In a small town in the middle of the city, troubles occur daily on a variety of topics. They can come from a certain room in a family in town, public toilets, offices, kitchens …

However, the common feature of these troubles is that they are in an imperfect state and the player’s task is to fix this. Make everything beautiful and tidy to achieve perfection. If you do this, you will receive up to 3 stars at each level and gain the experience needed to unlock the following levels.

How to make things more perfect?

At each level, Make it perfect will take players to different situations. It could be a jagged paper, a dirty toilet, a few mess pens or dishes … or even a few dice in the wrong place … In general, all things need to be customized to achieve the best state. I am sure that perfectionists, like me, will feel extremely uncomfortable at the unimpressive images. How about you?

With just a few taps on the phone screen, players can drag and drop objects into a logical position. It will not be too difficult to control, however, the challenge here is the difficulty to achieve the maximum number of stars at each level. In the first levels, players will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the play of Make it perfect with low difficulty tasks.

Later, once you have got experience, you may encounter difficulties in the following levels because the difficulty level has been significantly upgraded. This is a typical feature in Voodoo’s games, not just for the Make it perfect. However, the difficulty will bring challenges, thereby creating excitement for players to experience. Don’t give up if you fail at a certain stage because you can come back to it again and do it better.


Make it perfect possesses an extremely simple graphic platform but it plays an important role in clarifying the content and gameplay of this game. The details described are quite sharp, although they are not too realistic but enough for players to recognize the typical characteristics of each thing.
With that, I want to compliment the color scheme of this game. It is a combination of basic colors such as red, blue, white, black, yellow … but it is quite harmonious to feel comfortable and easy to see. Overall, in terms of graphics, Make it perfect has done quite well enough for even the most demanding players to feel satisfied.

Currently, the game is available on the Google Play app, so players can download it to their phones and experience for free. However, make sure you own a device with an average configuration or more for the smoothest and most stable experience. Because according to the complaints of a few players, the game sometimes lags.

Besides, ads will appear regularly. This is obvious for a simple game like Make it perfect. If you feel annoyed, please remove it immediately by downloading our APK Make it perfect at the link below this article. It will make your experience process more perfect like when you try to do this in Make it perfect.


Update version Make it perfect (Latest MOD) developed by MODPLAY.iO

MOD feature: You will get infinite diamonds when installing this special version of us. However, you need to do the previous tutorial to get this infinite diamond feature.

Installation instructions Make it perfect special MOD version

Step 1: Download the special MOD version of Make it perfect at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the MOD file, as usual, select “OK” and wait for the installation to finish. At this time, the icon “Make it perfect by MODPLAY.iO” will appear.

Step 3: The result is installed, you just need to enter the game to experience interesting things.

Note: You need to follow the instructions properly, otherwise the installation process will cause an error resulting in not receiving this special MOD feature.

General comment

Make it perfect is an impressive game in the simple series of Voodoo games. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has reached 1 million installs on Google Play with positive comments from the user community. Your task is to make messy things become perfect in hundreds of levels of this game. Why do you like this?

Most of us love absolute perfection, so we always try to achieve this in our lives to feel comfortable and happy. Meanwhile, Make it perfect is like a “mental medicine” that helps bring relaxing moments for players. So why not try it, right?

4.3/5 - (3 votes)


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4.3/5 - (3 votes)