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NameMagic: ManaStrike
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Magic: ManaStrike APK is a strategy game combined with a relatively new card style from the famous publisher Netmarble. Basically, this game allows players to use Planeswalkers with the ability to summon monsters or magic from their “decks” and fight other Planeswalkers around the world. This means that your mobile device needs to be guaranteed a stable internet connection to be able to experience this game as smoothly as possible. In terms of gameplay, Magic: ManaStrike proved completely different from the products that we have introduced in previous articles such as Clash of Clans or Gears POP! so you can be completely assured of the interesting that it brings. First, let us briefly analyze this game to get a better overview of it.

Easy to play but hard to win

Basically, Magic: ManaStrike gives players relatively simple gameplay through the user interface is integrated extremely intuitive and vivid. The gameplay of this game revolves around intense brain battles between players around the world through intense PvP battles. This contributes to highlighting tactical elements as well as custom strategies between you and other opponents in each battle.

Players start with a detailed guide that guides them through the first stages to be able to grasp how this game works. After choosing a deck of cards made from one of the five colors of Magic – White, Blue, Black, Red or Green – players will fight against direct opponents, where quick tactics and fast play close The leading role directly affects the situation of each match.

Overall, all that a player needs to do in Magic: ManaStrike is to know how it works and to use one-touch operation on the experience screen to be able to do all the things you want.

Demonstrate tactical thinking in each battle

It is noticeable that the gameplay of Magic: ManaStrike MOD APK will not change too much compared to other RTS games of the same type in the game market today. This contributes to helping players do not encounter too much difficulty in the first experience of the game.

Remember that your main goal is to destroy your opponent’s Planewalker and protect yourself throughout the game experience. And to do that, players need to use different cards in hand to summon mighty creatures on the battlefield. To use these cards, you need Mana – this is the money you earn after every second of fighting.

In Magic: ManaStrike, players need to reasonably calculate the cards they have to be able to devise tactics suitable for each given situation. Besides, you also have to observe the number of resources you own to produce troops continuously if you do not want to be defeated easily by the opponent.

The number of cards is extremely diverse

The next highlight comes from Magic: ManaStrike that this game is integrated with an extremely diverse number of cards to help players can easily change tactics in each match. Remember that each card in the game has a completely different power, along with a unique skill that can help them turn the game easily.

In addition, players must pay special attention to the 5 important Mana colors in the game because this will greatly affect the situation of each match you participate in. Understanding the characteristics of each color and creating a unique strategy is the key to winning Magic: ManaStrike.

Take advantage of the time between battles to upgrade the card, of course, if you have enough money to do so. The more units equipped with the ultimate skills, the more life, and attack points you gain, the more chances you’ll have to win. Overall, there are many aspects of Magic: ManaStrike’s gameplay that we cannot cover in this article. Therefore, you should try to download the game via the APK link below to be able to experience all the great points that this game brings.

Beautiful graphical background

Another attractive point of Magic: ManaStrike APK is a beautiful 3D graphics platform with extremely shimmering effects, rarely seen in a mobile card game. Most of the details in the game are depicted extremely successfully in terms of images that promise to bring players the most unique and interesting experience right from the first experience.

Besides, the skill effects have also been completely changed compared to the games of the same genre to create fierce but no less vivid battles right on the experience screen. If you are looking for a card game with beautiful graphics quality, then Magic: ManaStrike will definitely be a choice not to be missed.

General conclusion

Overall, Magic: ManaStrike is a card game combined with tactical elements that are worth experiencing in the present time. This game brings beautiful graphics platform, tactical gameplay changes over time, diverse card systems, … will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen right from the first time enjoying the game. The special thing is that this game is currently released for free on both Android and IOS platforms so you can experience it on almost any smartphone or tablet device at the moment.

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