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NameMagic Brick Wars
PublisherHalfbrick Studios
Latest Version1.0.51
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesNo
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Magic Brick Wars APK is a strategy game just launched in the gaming market not long ago, published by Halfbrick Studios. Most products from this publisher give completely new gameplay with many interesting features built-in, so you will always feel excited about the first time experience. Magic Brick Wars is a game that possesses a traditional strategy style combined with a card element that promises to bring you extremely brainstorming battles with other opponents around the world. If names like Heroes Infinity or Onmyoji Chess are not enough to make you excited, quickly download and experience this game now. First, check out this article to gain a better understanding of the highlights of Magic Brick Wars.


Like other strategy games on the market today, Magic Brick Wars possesses relatively confusing gameplay but is easy to manipulate. Because the player will have to know all the parameters of the characters available in the game if you want to maximize the power they bring. This means that you will have to spend a certain amount of time to learn about the gameplay before starting to participate in the fierce battles.

Specifically, players will face another opponent in each battle. Therefore, you need to try your best to win against him and get valuable booties after the game is over. The task is to simply place his soldiers in reasonable positions on the map, to be able to attack the enemy base or ensure the safety of his base.

Remember, Magic Brick Wars gives players 5 hearts corresponding to 5 lives in each match. If you let the enemy move into your base zone too many times, you will lose immediately. Make sure your base is always in a safe state before thinking of attacking an opponent. Of course, there will be many ways for you to approach the battle, so think of the best strategy in each given situation and destroy the opponent as quickly as possible.

Base guard

The special feature that makes Magic Brick Wars different from other games in the same genre is that it allows players to place defensive stones to help opponents cannot access their base. Instead of exploiting resources like other games, Magic Brick Wars allows players to continuously produce troops as well as place defensive stones during the match.

Note, after setting up a defensive stone or produce an army, you will need to wait a little longer to be able to reuse. This means that you will have to calculate the exact time to be able to maximize the effect that the characters in the game bring. If you place troops in a continuous area, your base will be quickly destroyed by the opponent, because there are many ways to reach the base area of ​​both players.

Character system

Magic Brick Wars offers an epic cast of hero characters that possess unique abilities for players throughout the experience. Your task is to simply collect and upgrade dozens of cards representing many different soldiers, spells, and defenses like mighty Viking, sneaky Ninja, flaming dragon, and more. This will help your military system become more diverse and you will have more options to combat more throughout the game.

Remember that each character will have their own unique strength and skills, so please refer to each hero’s specifications before deciding to use them. The more gold coins a character has, the higher his strength will be, but sometimes using characters with less gold will give you more advantages. In general, depending on the situation of the battle, you can make the most appropriate decisions possible.

Display quality sharp

Games from the publisher Halfbrick Studios are equipped with beautiful graphics quality along with a crisp 2D format to help players get the best experience throughout the enjoyment. Magic Brick Wars is no exception, this game is elaborately polished in terms of image promises to bring you fascinating battles but no less vivid. Most of the details in the game are depicted relatively successfully, along with a transition effect that makes us feel extremely excited every experience. Overall, this game possesses good display quality and is more beautiful than many products of the same genre on the game market today.

Magic Brick Wars APK Download for Android

Magic Brick Wars is truly an exciting strategy game that brings players around the globe. Thanks to the simple gameplay, sharp graphics quality and vivid sound system, this game quickly achieved more than 3 thousand installs on Google Play in a fairly short time. Besides, this publisher is still constantly improving the gameplay and introducing more great updates for players. The special thing is that you can also contribute your ideas on Discord to help this game to be the most complete and optimal in the near future.

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