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NameLucky Looter
Latest Version0.26
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Lucky Looter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a new addictive 3D game with a colorful environment promising to bring hours of fun and relaxation on the mobile platform. Everyone knows that it is illegal to steal the property of others, but have you ever wondered how difficult it is? Despite being a simple game, Lucky Looter requires a player who possesses all the necessary elements to become a “thief king”. Can you do it?

Introducing about Lucky Looter

Lucky Looter is the latest product from publisher RadPirates. This game belongs to the simple genre but has an interesting combination with both role-playing and simulation elements. For this category, you can find some of the games featured on our websites such as Johnny Trigger. They are quite similar in how to shape the character, the visual design as well as lead the player into the real life of the character. However, each game that comes from different publishers will bring a unique impression to the player’s experience. Therefore, if you have free time, try enjoying them all at MODPLAY.IO.

Become a thief

The feeling of becoming a thief does not seem strange to experienced gamers. Because in the current market, there are many games in every genre exploring this topic. With Lucky Looter, players will have the opportunity to experience one surprise after another with the story about a bank robber.

Instead of going out in the open during the day, you will sneak up to the banks, break the door lock, go inside and get all the money at midnight. Normally, with this background, some gamers will be in trouble with the fear of darkness and ghosts. However, this game has absolutely no integrated horror element, but instead, find ways to escape from the hunt of the patrol forces.

Police forces will come to inspect the bank because of a rumor that a thief has snuck inside with a dark conspiracy. Therefore, as a professional thief, players need to complete the task of stealing money, while avoiding the police observation by moving wisely and keeping silent forever. We don’t encourage you to be a thief in real life, but at least, in Lucky Looter, do a good job. This is quite difficult.

Simple controls

Although a role-playing game, Lucky Looter owns an extremely simple control system. Players only need to drag the finger on the screen interface to move the thief, then release the hand to automatically hide the money inside the box. In addition, the game does not seem to have a function button displayed on the screen that requires players to use it for character control purposes.

It can be seen that it has been greatly optimized to provide a convenient experience for players. However, what makes it difficult for gamers at each level is the tactical element. No one was born to be a thief but people can practice to do it and become more and more professional. Be confident that you can do it in Lucky Looter too.

Some notes

In banks, money is stored in certain places and finding them is not easy. Therefore, the first difficulty when entering the job is to find where to keep the money, then take them into the box. During the process, you will certainly be difficult because the outer space is completely dark, and the patrol force will never forgive if you are discovered.

On the screen interface, you can see the red lines showing the direction of the patrol. Players can base on this move that seeks to dodge wisely. With the money you earn, you can use them to buy costumes, bags or unlock new tools.

2D graphics

Not surprisingly, Lucky Looter was carefully invested with pretty 2D graphics. This not only helps to truly describe the surroundings but also provides a vivid experience for players to experience. However, the images in the game are designed in an animated style to create a sense of closeness and comfort.

The graphics of this game are not so prominent compared to the heavyweight competitors on the market, but it also contributes to highlighting the story and gameplay that the game wants to convey. Moreover, it is extremely suitable for a simple game genre like Lucky Looter that allows gamers to experience the game on any mobile device smoothly.


1. Is Lucky Looter too heavy to experience on low-profile devices?

Lucky Looter is only about 30MB in the latest version. We are not sure if it will increase. Because the game may be updated with many new features in the near future. However, the capacity of the game is quite low because most of the features have been optimized. Therefore, you can experience it on mobile devices with medium to high configuration.

2. How many levels does the Lucky Looter have?

We are not sure about the number of levels of the game but in the current version. The game owns more than 100 levels that are enough for you to experience until you get bored of it.

MOD APK version of Lucky Looter

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money: You must follow the instructions to get this special right. Only those who download the version at our website, get this VIP.
  • No ADS: Removing ads helps players a better experience.

Download Lucky Looter MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Returning to the game market with the latest product called Lucky Looter, the publisher of RadPirates has brought a new impression to fans. Indeed, we appreciate the appeal of the gameplay. And the story of the game as it allows gamers to become a bank thief – a very interesting topic that not every game has successfully exploited.

Along with that, the game’s graphics also show friendliness, especially how to create characters with looks and funny expressions. All tensions seem to be able to be eliminated thanks to excellent graphics quality. However, the moments of suspense and surprise will never be missing. Be prepared to handle any situation. Being a thief isn’t easy but it’s quite interesting, isn’t it?

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4.5/5 - (2 votes)