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NameLegends of Runeterra
PublisherRiot Games
Latest Version00.93.005 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesNo
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Legends of Runeterra APK is the next game developed by the famous Riot Games publisher on mobile platforms. This game will give players the familiar playing card game like other products like The Seven Deadly Sins or TFT: Teamfight Tactics so you can be assured of the experience that it brings. In this article, we will help you better understand the great features as well as a brief introduction to the gameplay of Legends of Runeterra.

What is Legends of Runeterra?

Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game that is interested in a lot of players at the moment. In which players can collect cards to battle other players in a turn-based card battle. Just like Blizzard’s Hearthstone is set in the World of Warcraft universe, with its own classes and skills, Legends of Runeterra is similar to the context based on the League of Legends universe on a PC platform.

If you’ve ever experienced the game League of Legends on PC, you will surely recognize many familiar generals appearing in Legends of Runeterra such as Elise, Darius, Draven, … The special thing is that most of them The generals in the game will retain their own unique skills, so you will feel extremely interesting right from the first time enjoying this game. However, Legends of Runeterra has not been officially released in countries around the world, so you need to wait a bit longer to be able to experience the game. But if you do not want to wait, the APK link below this article will definitely help you to enjoy this super game right away.

Detailed instructions for gameplay

Basically, each game in Legends of Runeterra will have 24 cards appear, each card has a unique game inspired by the original skills in the game League of Legends on PC. In this game, the player will have to create a separate deck of cards to be able to defeat the opponent in fascinating battles. Your ultimate goal in every round is to get the opponent to deduct points and make them 0 points to be able to win. This is not a simple task because you will have to use the card system to attack or defend properly if you do not want to be defeated quickly by the opponent.

When entering the battle, the experience screen will be divided into two balanced sides and this is also the place where you will have to compete with your enemies. Here, players will easily see the card area, the area to announce their own mana as well as the opponent and finally your health in each game screen. Entering the game each player will start with 20 HP and randomly draw 4 random cards from your deck. If you don’t like any of these 4 cards then click the Replace button to change them randomly. These will be cards that shape your play in a match so think carefully before deciding to change.

After completing the card selection process, one side will be attacked first and the other side will have to show defensive cards. Of course, everything will be reversed in the next round so you can be assured of the fairness that Legends of Runeterra brings. You need to choose the most appropriate cards for each attack or your defense to be able to win the game.

The number of cards will increase rapidly

In the first version, Legends of Runeterra only integrated 24 generals corresponding to 24 different cards, so players will encounter quite a lot of difficulties in implementing their tactics. But do not be too worried about this because the number of cards will be increased quickly through the next updated versions to ensure players the best experience possible. Besides, the cards in the game will have their own skills as well as separate shapes so you can use their power to the maximum in each game.

Extremely beautiful 3D graphics

In terms of graphics, Legends of Runeterra performed extremely well with what it brings to the player. Although it is just a card game, the publisher Riot Games has invested heavily in the display of this game to help players get the best experience when enjoying. The cards in the game are depicted similarly to the original version on the PC platform, along with a very smooth transition effect that will certainly not make you feel disappointed from the first experience.

How to install Legends of Runeterra?

As mentioned above, Legends of Runeterra APK is only released in select countries around the world. If the country you are living in is not part of Riot Games’ development plan during this test, you will need to wait for a certain amount of time to play the game.

Although you can use VPN apps on the market to fake IP to other countries to download games, it is not necessary because the APK link below this article will help you experience the game more quickly. In general, you just need to click on the APK link we have included in this article to download the game and proceed to install it on your device without the need for VPN applications.

Update version Legends of Runeterra (Latest MOD) developed by MODPLAY.iO

– (Comming Soon)

How to download and install Legends of Runeterra version developed by MODPLAY.iO

Note: You need to uninstall the Google Play version, before installing the APK version or the special MOD version.

Step 1: Download the Legends of Runeterra version at the end of this article. Depending on you, there version 2 downloads of APK + MOD for you to proceed.

Step 2: Install the normal APK file, and the MOD file will be the same until the process finishes.

Step 3: The installation process will appear “Legends of Runeterra by MODPLAY.iO” you just need to enter the game to experience.

General evaluation

Legends of Runeterra has enough different statues in the League of Legends and each champion still retains its own skill. The only difference is that now gamers will use the generals to defeat opponents in turn instead of playing directly as in the League of Legends on PC. Of course, it was only released as a trial version at the moment, but you should download the game to get used to how this game works first.

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MODPLAY is a United States (Based in California) games development company. It was founded in 2020 by Alex, with a focus on developing entertainment content for MODDED original games & apps, paid.

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