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NameLast Day Rules: Survival
PublisherHK HERO
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PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Survival has always been considered one of the most popular game genres around the world today although it has experienced a period of extremely successful in the past. Accordingly, the games of the genre of survival are constantly launched to help players can easily find a game that best suits their interests to experience. After the emergence of extremely prominent names such as Horrorfield or Dark Days: Zombie Survival, Last Day Rules: Survival APK + OBB is expected to continue to promote the positive highlights of the survival game series.

Although it was just released on Google Play not too long ago, this game has quickly reached over 1 million installations worldwide. Basically, this number is enough to prove the appeal of Last Day Rules: Survival to many players today. Let’s find out about it in this article.

About Last Day Rules: Survival

Dubbed “Rust mobile”, Last Day Rules: Survival has the characteristics of a traditional survival game genre that promises to not disappoint you from the first experience. Initially, players will be taken to a large island along with 100 other players around the world to start the battle of survival immediately. Overall, the way the game works will remain the same compared to similar products so you will not spend too much time getting used to what it brings.

Now that the player has nothing but a stone ax, the player’s first task is to use that stone ax to cut trees, break rocks as raw materials to build the first house before the wind is cold or nightfall. The special thing is that you will be guided in great detail on how to survive in this game through the built-in tutorial system. Specifically, Last Day Rules: Survival provides the player with a book that mainly talks about the survival process, assigns players the tasks that need to be completed and you will receive worthy rewards after completing into assigned missions.

Despite the potential dangers from wildlife or things available in nature, your real threat to Last Day Rules: Survival is other players. Use guns and craft weapons to confront the other players. And defeat them immediately if you do not want to lose quickly.

Control system

There is not too much complexity in the control system of this game. It gives players the most dedicated virtual buttons dedicated to survival. Basically, players need to learn how to master all the virtual buttons available on the experience screen to be more flexible during their survival.

On the left side of the interface, you’ll find a virtual motion control key. As well as a button to automatically gather resources and view your backpack. While on the right side of the interface you will find action, jump, shoot and aim buttons. All in all, the layout is extremely reasonable, promising to bring you the feeling of familiarity from the first time to enjoy.


Not only do you stop fighting with other players, Last Day Rules: Survival also allows players to build the works they want during the game experience. From simple constructions such as houses, tents, players can also create huge castles from the materials available in nature. Your task is to control your character constantly moving on the map to be able to find the right material if you want to build the works you want.

With a larger map system than any other survival game map you’ve ever experienced, explore every corner of the deserted island, including Abandoned ore mines, airports, destroyed universities. Destroy, a deadly area on the mountain,… and collect the essential materials to survive in Day Rules: Survival. However, keep in mind that there are many potential threats built-in and they are ready to destroy your character at any time.


Because Rules is a game developed on mobile platforms, the graphics quality of Day Rules: Survival cannot be compared with Rust on PC. However, the details in this game are also presented very beautifully promising to bring you the battle for survival as vivid and suspense as possible. Typically some details such as maps, plants, characters, transition effects, items are designed relatively detailed and meticulous. This will definitely keep you interested during the game. Overall, the display quality is really a significant highlight that helps this game make a strong impression on players around the world.

Last Day Rules: Survival APK Download for Android

Last Day Rules: Survival is a quality survival role-playing game from HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT. Indeed, the game offers an impressive survival experience, far different from the games of the same genre available in the game market today. In the game, players will be taken to a largely deserted island full of dangers around them. So you need to do everything if you want to become the last survivor in this game. The important thing is that you are not only fighting hunger and wildlife. But also other rivals from around the world.

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3.7/5 - (3 votes)