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NameKnock’em All
Latest Version1.12
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Gun
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Knock’em All MOD APK (Unlocked Gun) is the most impressive game of 2020 so far. Do you feel this name is familiar? Yes, this game was developed based on the gameplay of a previous game of Voodoo, it’s Push’em all. However, each of these games offers different experiences with unique features. Therefore, do not be too subjective to think that you have had enough experience to play Knock’em All in the best way.

Introduction Knock’em All

Most of the community of players, including myself, love games from the famous Voodoo publisher. Why? Since its foundation, Voodoo has released hundreds of different games on mobile platforms. Despite the great achievements in its branding and development career, this talented publisher has been constantly searching and exploring more new topics to diversify the playing style for their products. Each of Voodoo’s games is quite similar in form and genre, but they bring a completely new and unique experience. Moreover, they have interesting challenges from easy to difficult that not all professional gamers can complete all levels. This is what makes me excited, how about you?

Back to Knock’em All – the latest game in the collection of simple games of Voodoo. This is a shooter game on mobile that has reached over 1 million installs on Google Play in the short time since its release not long ago. Besides the diverse mission system, the game also makes players feel impressed with accessible controls and bright graphics. Do you want to try it? First of all, let us find out details about it.

Shooting games

If you’ve ever been immersed in the intense shooting battles in games like PUBG Mobile or Last Day on Earth: Survival, then temporarily forget them and start enjoying the relaxing moments in Knock ‘ Miss All. Unlike conventional shooting games, in this game, players will shoot guns to destroy robots that appear throughout buildings in the city. You will be like a superhero with outstanding jumping ability who is on a mission to kill bad guys to win and protect the peace. Sounds great, right?

With just a shotgun in hand, gamers need to shoot all the robots dead or simply harass to push them into the abyss. At close range, the force of the damage is large enough to destroy all parts of a robot. However, this can also put you in danger because they are ready to attack you at any time. Therefore, players only need to shoot continuously before approaching them to push them down the cliff and complete the game. However, things will not be as easy as when saying. I am sure you will have some trouble playing.


Players just need to touch the screen to start playing, then press repeatedly to shoot with both hands. The special thing here is that players do not need to control their character to jump over buildings to help optimize operations on the screen interface. Say more correctly, there is no character in Knock’em All. Everything happens before the eyes based on the first view visually and this contributes to a sense of authenticity when playing.

Hundreds of levels

A common feature in Voodoo games is the extremely diverse level system. Knock’em All is no exception. I do not know how many levels this game has because I have never conquered all of them. However, the game screen is plenty enough for players to experience in the long run without getting bored.

In the first levels, you will see robots standing still or moving very slowly. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to observe and manipulate the shooting on the screen. However, do not be too subjective because this will not repeat at later levels. The robots will move continuously towards the player, at the same time they can be protected by thick brick walls. Players may be under intense pressure to play, but if they can keep calm and act quickly, everything becomes easier and victory will come in the blink of an eye.

2D Graphics

There is not too much to discuss the graphical aspect of Knock’em All. In general, it is designed quite simply with the robots, blue bullets, images of tall buildings, and a shotgun. However, the game also makes a good impression on players thanks to the bright graphics and vivid sound system. Moreover, the playing screens will take place quite quickly, so sometimes you do not care about the image quality of them.

How to download and install Knock’em All

Note: In the beginning, you need to uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it earlier.

Step 1: You can access the blog via “Google”, search for the keyword Knock’em All and download the MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Start installing the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Knock’em All by MODPLAY.iO”.

Download Knock’em All MOD APK (Unlocked Gun)

Players can easily find countless great games to entertain, but for the moment, Knock’em All is the choice you should not ignore. A gentle shooting game will help players relax after a hard-working time or simply to “kill” time in their free time. The levels of the game are not too difficult to put great pressure on the player, along with that, bright graphics and simple controls are also factors that contribute to a perfect experience on mobile. Would you like to try it this weekend?

MOD features:

  • Unlocked Gun
  • No Ads
4.4/5 - (5 votes)


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  • Please see Installation Guide

4.4/5 - (5 votes)