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Knighthood MOD APK (Unlimited Actions) is a free role-playing mobile game on Google Play that has been converted to the Vietnamese language by King publisher. In the game, you will be taken to the Land of Wrath – created by the dark forces, fight evil monsters and the forces of the corrupted warriors. Download the game and its MOD version in the article below to start your journey now.


When it comes to King publisher, most players will probably think of the fun puzzle game series that made their name in the entertainment game market. Nobody seems to be unaware of legendary match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga or Candy Crush Friends Saga. However, King is a publisher who likes to surprise fans and the proof is that they recently released the role-playing game Knighthood.

What is the Knighthood game like? The most perfect answer will have when you download the game yourself and enjoy it. However, I would like to emphasize that Knighthood is a well-invested game in many aspects such as gameplay, graphics, and storyline. This makes me surprised and admired King because the role-playing genre is not their forte. So this publisher wants to put this in his new product? Find out the following sections.


Knighthood takes place in a legendary land called Astellas. Previously, it was protected by the Range Knight until Lord Karnon’s dark forces arose again from the dungeons. The peaceful life of its inhabitants was destroyed and the guards of the dungeon were also corrupted by the power of darkness.

As a just knight, Rage will not let this continue on his land. Therefore, he undertook the mission of protecting peace by participating in a brutal battle against evil forces. The dangerous journey has begun and your task is to become a Rage and help him accomplish this noble mission.

Typical role-playing gameplay

Knighthood is a turn-based fighting action game that allows gamers to become a true knight during the chaos. A strong hero will take on the mission of saving his kingdom from the dominion of the dark forces. However, you need to prove that you are eligible to do this. Pick up your weapons and get ready to fight in any situation.

Players will control their warriors by touching them constantly to attack and create combos. Along with the god punches to accumulate energy for the impressive final skill with destructive power. In the end, you can summon a hero to ask them to help you in the current battle with the skills and power they possess.

For example, Ash – an archer capable of burning down a group of enemies and reducing their power in the next 3 attacks. Meanwhile, Grim can create Kim Ice capable of instantly freezing enemies that make them unable to use skills. In addition, there are countless mysteries that you can uncover during hours of Knighthood experience. Therefore, do not miss anything.

A long journey

Knighthood’s gameplay will continue to continue with increasing difficulties. Players need to be flexible in how to control and use strategies appropriately to overcome all challenges. Sometimes, if you need help, remember Drakeson – the owner of the Astellas kingdom. And the guide for you at the beginning of the game.

Note, the Knighthood’s journey includes many different parts. Players will have to fight to overcome each part to gain experience and unlock new parts. Each section will bring different challenges and experiences, so don’t miss the chance to explore and conquer them.

Hero and weapons system

It must be said that the Knighthood has a pretty unique and diverse arsenal of characters and weapons. Many types of heroes possess different looks and skills. While weapons also have a specific effect on each type of opponent. This contributes to the diversity of strategies in each game, allowing gamers to be creative. And flexible in how to control their warriors or team.

Sometimes, you will ask yourself what to do in the next steps. Will you use your ultimate skill to unleash destructive power or summon another warrior to support your allies? The outcome of the battle completely depends on each player’s decision and the players who like freedom, like me, will definitely love this. Every decision leads to two final results, winning or losing. However, through each match, the experience is more essential for players to increasingly fluent in this game.


The special thing about Knighthood is that its graphics have been effectively optimized to work on almost any mobile device, including low-end phones. This will make King’s game more popular in the gaming community. And lag will rarely occur to provide the smoothest experience possible.

Next, I was quite impressed with the Knighthood’s character design as they were depicted in an animated style with fun shapes and bright colors. Although the details will not be too realistic, the beautiful combat effects will contribute to inspiring the battle process of gamers.

MOD APK version of Knighthood

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Actions (Comming Soon)

Note: In the shortest time, we will develop a special MOD version to send to you in the near future. May everyone regularly visit the website, to update the latest information. Wishing everyone has a day of work and learning fun, and do not forget the evening of enjoying the game from us.

Download Knighthood MOD APK (Unlimited Actions)

Knighthood is one of the first products in King’s role-playing game series. Therefore, perhaps we should not be overly focused on some of the minor bugs that exist in this latest version. I can guarantee that the best features will be updated in the next releases. And the disadvantages will be overcome by this talented publisher.

Above all, I want to emphasize that Knighthood is a pretty cool game with a dramatic role-playing and unique tactical style. Along with that, the design of this game also makes a pretty good impression on gamers from the first experience. Therefore, this is a game that you cannot miss this summer.

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