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NameInk Inc
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version2.0.11
PlatformsAndroid 7.0
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade Home
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Ink Inc MOD APK (Free Upgrade Home) is a game that is suitable for many players around the world thanks to the simple gameplay along with easily understandable content built-in. First, let us learn some basic points of this game.

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What do you know about Tattoo?

The tattoo is a method of drawing permanent images on the skin of the human body. It has existed for a long time and became prominent in the present time. If tattooed in the past used to be considered a playboy, who was not good, addicted, then today it is considered a personal and unique style. There are many types of Tattoo that allow you to choose: flowers, stars, 3d, angel, favorite animals, humanoid figures … This will help users to easily choose a type of tattoo that best suits your needs. Because once tattooed, it cannot be erased.

In recent times, the Tattoo movement has been extremely popular with young people and sees it as a trait to increase the attractiveness of their bodies. Recognizing the potential of this art, publisher Lions Studios has developed a game called Ink Inc to help more players understand the term Tattoo. This game will help players can look closely at the process to create a beautiful tattoo on the body through the perspective of a truly Tattoo artist. Are you interested in this emerging art? Join the game by downloading the game via the APK link below this article to experience immediately.

Become a tattoo artist

In Ink Inc, players will become a true Tattoo worker. You always busy with work because there are many customers waiting for you to paint great tattoos on their bodies. Of course, you will have to learn everything from scratch without any assistance from anyone else during the experience. Initially, the task of the player is simply drawing basic tattoos such as flowers, clouds, hearts … To be able to get used to the operation method that this game brings.

The control system in this game is not too complicated to help players can easily manipulate right from the first experience. Specifically, you just need to touch the screen. And swipe in accordance with the shape that the game requires to be able to perform tattoo work quickly.

You should use the small strokes to draw tattoos in the general form before proceeding to color to avoid smudging out of the specified position. After completing the overall tattoo. Players need to use larger strokes to help the coloring become quick and save their time. The gameplay of Ink Inc is relatively similar to the simple games on the market today. So you will not have too many difficulties getting used to it.

Achieve absolute score

In each game screen, players will have to draw a tattoo similar to the pattern designated by the fastidious guests. There will be simple tattoos that appear but there is no shortage of tattoos that require the player to be really meticulous in each stage to be able to perform successfully. The score in this game will be converted to stars. And each of your tattoos will receive a maximum of 3 stars after each game screen. Therefore, players need to be very careful in each of their actions if they want to achieve the absolute number of stars. This also means that the number of stars after each game screen will determine how much your tattoo resembles the model.


Although the theme of Tattoo is not too suitable for children. The publisher Lion Studios was very skillful in integrating a simple cartoon graphic style for its product. This makes Ink Inc suitable for a wide range of players around the world, including the elderly or children. The images in the game are also very funny descriptions. Along with the details shown visually will make you feel satisfied right from the first time to enjoy.

Download Ink Inc MOD APK (Free Upgrade Home)

Ink Inc is truly a very special game at the moment. It is built with content quite different from the same genre products. To help players feel fresher throughout the game experience progress. The simple playing style remains the same in this game. So players can easily get used to what it brings right away. If you are looking for a new game but no less attractive, Ink Inc will definitely be a great choice in the present time.

MOD feature:

  • Free Upgrade Home
  • No Ads
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4.8/5 - (9 votes)

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