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NameIdle Car Tycoon
PublisherNox Joy
Latest Version1.29
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No ADS
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The demand for the car wash is increasing in the present time, which is followed by many car washing services launched to meet the needs of users worldwide. Are you ready to start a business with the modern car wash model and the best car care system in Idle Car Tycoon (MOD Unlimited Money, No ADS)? This is a familiar Idle style game from the publisher Nox Joy. It allows the player to become a boss of the car wash service chain and your task is to turn your business model into the best car care locations in the city. If you are bored with the adventures in Ulala: Idle Adventure or feel unsuitable for expanding the gym scale in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, this game will definitely be a very reasonable choice. First, check out this article to gain a better understanding of what Idle Car Tycoon has to offer.

Start from the simplest jobs

As usual, Idle Car Tycoon allows players to become the boss of a small car wash station in the city. Initially, things will not be too supportive of players when this is just a small car wash location with not too many passengers. This means that you need to make many improvements to make it more developed in the near future, thereby making this car wash station become one of the most popular places.

Basically, players need to start doing simple to complex tasks in this game to ensure the development process is stable. For example, improve your car wash service and control every aspect of your business. Construct and upgrade surrounding structures to attract more vehicles to your town to provide a great experience to customers. Besides, do not forget to expand the car wash station to serve more cars to maximize profits for your business.

Very simple one-touch gameplay

Similar to other Idle-style games on the current gaming market, the player’s job in Idle Car Tycoon MOD APK is simply to tap the screen repeatedly to complete the assigned tasks. Almost all the actions of the players in the game will be done through the simple touch of the screen, so you do not need to be too worried about what this game brings. This means that the game is very accessible and familiar whether you are an adult or a child, thereby saving a lot of time for those who are experiencing the game firstly.

Improve the service

A business model that can stand on the market needs to constantly change to meet the needs of users and Idle Car Tycoon also like that. Players need to improve the service of their car wash station and control everything related to the business to be able to help it in the right direction of development. Remember, your station not only car wash but also includes a lot of other services such as parking, gas, restaurants, supermarkets … so the more you expand the business, the more you will attract more customers.

Besides, do not forget to upgrade the services available in the game to increase the development speed for the business. There are three things that you can upgrade in Idle Car Tycoon: speed, price, and traffic. The ultimate goal of these upgrades is to make it possible for players to earn the largest amount of profit during the experience.

Basically, every upgrade in the game will greatly affect your development. For example, speed will help your employees work faster, thereby serving more customers at the same time. This means that the money you earn will be more than the original. Overall, upgrading is one of the indispensable elements in Idle games. It will cost you a certain amount but in return, it will bring huge profits in the near future.

Are you willing to invest money in improving facilities for the station or increase the selling price for higher sales? Make important and accurate business decisions in each situation to make your gas station the best.

Graphics are not too excellent but still create the necessary vibrancy

Graphics quality is not so important for traditional Idle games, Idle Car Tycoon APK is a game that only has a simple 2D graphics quality with harmonious colors, it can still make many players feel satisfied. The details in the game are arranged extremely reasonable, along with the design lines identical to the reality that will certainly make you unable to take your eyes during the experience.


If you love Idle-style management simulation games, Idle Car Tycoon will definitely be an ideal choice for you. Basically, this is an easy game to play but still gives players a lot of challenges throughout the experience. Players will start from a small car wash and need to make the right decisions to turn this place into one of the busiest places in the city. This is not a simple task at all because it will take you a lot of time to develop the car wash station according to your wishes.

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