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NameID Please
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.5.38
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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ID Please MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simple genre game combined with a traditional simulation style from publisher Lion Studios. In this game, players will be transformed into a bodyguard with the task of keeping the Bar safe from the scrutiny of the city security forces. To do that, you need to check the identity of each guest and make a decision for someone to enter or not. First, let us explore some of the highlights of ID Please.

Note: You can refer to some other simple simulation games like Blendy! or Forge Ahead.

Introduce ID Please

The gameplay ID Please is quite simple, providing light entertainment for the weekends or in free time. The game does not require too much manipulation to control but instead, the integrated task system is quite diverse enough for players to feel busy. As a bodyguard, your task is to check the information of all the customers who want to enter the bar. Every night, many people come in and out of the night club. Players need to use judgmental skills to examine and survey guests through their appearance and identity card. Everything is unpredictable, observe carefully.

Many difficulty levels

At each different task, players will have to filter guests according to specific requirements on age, clothing color, consciousness status, ID code … Of course, in the first levels, the control criteria browsing for guests will be quite simple for players to easily get use to the gameplay that ID Please provides. However, at some later levels, the difficulty will be upgraded. There will be a large number of visitors and the censorship criteria will become more complicated. Therefore, you may feel confused when making a decision for someone to pass through or remove.

Many unique characters

ID Please brings an extremely diverse system of characters with different characteristics of gender, outfit, hairstyle, skin color … They are designed quite nicely in a funny cartoon style. So you will feel more comfortable and much closer during enjoying the game. In terms of facial features and expressions, the characters don’t seem much different. Therefore, an important feature that players need to pay attention to during the censorship process is age. ID is shown on the identity card, gender, and especially clothing.

The sharp judgment skill will be a factor to assist the player in the observation and decision process. The amount of salary in the account and the number of stars awarded through each mission will represent the level of the player. Show your best ability in every mission of ID Please and become the most prestigious bodyguard guy in the city.

Easy control

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The control system also shows the optimization when only one function button allows passing through the door in the main interface. Alternatively, the player can click the Start button to start the quest in a day or select Replay to return to the previous day. After completing the task, the salary will be automatically transferred to the player’s account. As can be seen, all operations in this game have been significantly reducing to bring the necessary simplicity.

Simple 2D graphics

For a simple game like ID Please, graphics are the least-regarded aspect of the manufacturer and player community. With the familiar 2D graphics platform, the image quality in this game really does not stand out, but it still brings the necessary originality. The cartoon characters with funny appearance design and colorful costumes will contribute to inspiring players. In general, graphics will not be the strength of ID Please.

How to install ID Please

  1. Delete the original APK or Google Play version you installed earlier.
  2. Download the ID Please MOD at the end of this article.
  3. Continue installing this MOD version, waiting for the process to finish will appear the “ID Please by MODPLAY.iO” logo. At this point, you only need to visit to experience the game.

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Download ID Please MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

As can be seen, ID Please’s gameplay is not too complicated and anyone can play it easily through the first few levels. The game does not require a lot of manipulation and does not require you to think much so it is highly entertaining. Currently, ID Please has reached 1 million installs and is completely free on Google Play. Players can download it easily via this application or click on the link below.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
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