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Latest Version1.11.2
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Hitmasters MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a product that comes from the publisher Playgendary Limited will be the best option at the moment. In the game, you will become a cold-blooded assassin ready to destroy all enemies no matter who they are and anywhere. Free time will not be boring when you play Hitmasters right now.

Introduce about Hitmasters

Launched 3 months ago, Hitmasters has quickly achieved over 1 million installs on the Google Play app. This is a sign that this game may “explode” in the near future. The game is the latest in the creative game collection of the publisher Playgendary. Perhaps the player already knows this publisher in the famous titles that have been featured in previous posts on our websites like Perfect Cream and Rocket Buddy. Possessing outstanding features of its predecessors, Hitmasters promises to bring an unforgettable experience right on the phone screen. I think you should not ignore it.


Join the game, gamers will be instructed on the gameplay and mechanism of action. Players only need to touch the right side of the screen, keep their hands and drag in the desired direction. Then just release your hand to shoot immediately. On the screen interface, you will see walls or obstacles, bad guys, and your own character. Your task is to destroy all the bad guys appearing at each level by taking advantage of the influence of obstacles or simply shooting at their heads if possible.

Remember that players only have a certain number of bullets in each game screen. That means if you run out of ammo and still haven’t destroyed all the enemies, you’ll have to play it again and again until it’s done. In general, things will not be as simple as you think. To complete the levels, players need to use their minds to solve situations, sometimes, they also need a little luck.

Game levels

Unlike normal shooting games, each level of Hitmasters has 3 different playing screens. That is, the player must complete all 3 screens if you want to pass a level and unlock new levels. In particular, after 10 or 20 levels, the boss will appear. They have a larger appearance and are harder to destroy than regular characters, even they have the ability to change positions after each damage.

Although seen as a shooting game, we can see the tactical element in Hitmasters. It is not simply that you use a gun to point directly at the enemies to shoot, but instead, in some stages, you have to adjust the angle of the shot so that it is reasonable to take advantage of the influence of other items such as wooden crates, bombs, gas tanks, TNT explosives … Note, the area of ​​effect of explosives or bombs is quite large, even they can kill the bad guys standing on the next wall.

Diverse game modes

In the current version, Hitmasters has 4 main game modes: Shotgun, Gravity, Ricochet, and Toxic. Basically, they do not differ in the mechanism of action, that is, the player also has a certain number of shots in each game screen and the ultimate goal is to kill all enemies. The difference here is the weapon system.

If in Shotgun mode, players will shoot enemies with normal bullets, in Gravity, the game will give gamers a gravity gun capable of sucking objects to throw at enemies. Besides, players should also try playing Ricochet mode to try to shoot bullets capable of bouncing back and forth repeatedly. Moreover, I think you can also spend time on the exciting Toxic mode to have a new experience than ever.

Unique skins system

If you get bored of playing with a default character, again and again, I think you should shop for some new skins. Players can receive skins when completing certain levels or defeating Boss. With the unlocking of new skins or weapons, players can see unique effects during each character’s firing. Although they do not help improve the win rate, at least they bring a new and exciting feeling after a long time of playing.

2D Graphics

Hitmasters owns a simple graphic background but its context is quite bright and the character image is very funny. Your assassin will dance after every level of victory but sometimes, you will see him blushing angrily at being teased by bad guys. Besides, the effect in the game is quite unique and the sound system is good. Moreover, in terms of capacity, the game has been significantly optimized to provide a smooth experience on many mobile devices.

How to install Hitmasters

  • Uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it earlier. Then proceed to install our MOD version.
  • Visit blog, search for Hitmasters keyword, and download the MOD version at the end of this article.
  • Start installing the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.
  • The game icon will appear with the words “Hitmasters by MODPLAY.iO”.

Download Hitmasters MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Despite the simple controls and normal graphic quality, Hitmasters still attracts many players thanks to its addictive and entertaining gameplay. Moreover, its game levels are like puzzles that not everyone can solve them in a single time. In general, it both provides the necessary relaxation and creates challenges to encourage gamers to play for a long time.

However, I think you should consider a little before playing because Hitmasters also have quite violent scenes. When enemies are shot, they can be separated from their limbs, or blood will erupt. Although it is labeled 3+, this game can also make many players feel scared, especially children. Or if you are a violent player, don’t play it.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
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5/5 - (2 votes)