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NameHeroes of Warland
PublisherNitro Games Oyj
Latest Version1.8.2
PlatformsAndroid 4.3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bullets
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The shooting game genre is the topic of most interest in the current game market. Familiar names like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, are all titles that achieve a huge amount of installation on game applications store. The appeal of this game genre comes from many aspects, but among them, graphics are a special highlight that makes brands. Most games are designed in beautiful 3D graphics, authentic and stylish to provide the perfect experience the meet need of gamers.

However, with high-end graphics platforms, devices with low and medium configurations can hardly experience the game smoothly. Catching this, publisher Nitro Games Oyj has released Heroes of Warland MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets) – a third-person shooter game suitable for most mobile devices. As the first product to mark this publisher’s appearance on the market, Heroes of Warland received much attention from the gaming community as well as the game critics. So what is this game special about?

Multiplayer shooter

Heroes of Warland is an online playground with a combination of multiplayer shooting battles under a third perspective and interesting fighting action genre. The game possesses a diverse system of characters and weapons and unique features for players to explore. In particular, players will directly participate in team battles to compete with other players around the globe. Therefore, the Heroes of Warland promises to be a great place to experience the most exciting PvP battles on mobile.

Choose a character on Heroes of Warland

Unlike PUBG, the choice of characters in Heroes game Warland will greatly affect the player’s experience. The game offers a wide range of heroes with unique skills and strengths for players to explore and master. Because of the variety of character systems and skills, players have to be flexible in choosing characters for each case to gain an advantage over other opponents. Besides, gamers can also use the backend system to get the ultimate power. With these powerful guns, you can become the top FPS shooter in this game.

The highlight is that the character system in Heroes of Warland will be displayed as a card. To own a certain character, players need to buy it at the store or perform the task required to receive a reward. Besides, use the bonuses you get through matches to upgrade cards. This will help improve the skills and fighting ability of the character.

Unique weapon system

Along with a diverse set of character cards, Heroes of Warland also gives players an extremely unique weapon system with different functions and powers. When entering the battle, each hero will be equipped with some type of equipment available. But most of them are secondary weapons, traps or first aid kit. The weapons in the game are mostly guns but they are quite diverse in type. Moreover, players can make customizations to change shape and enhance power.

Winning every opponent

Heroes of Warland is not like a traditional survival shooting game. You will not be able to finish the opponent with only 2 or 3 shots but instead. The player needs to have a specific plan and coordinate well with teammates to try to bring the enemy’s blood level to zero. In the game, players will observe from an interesting third perspective. This is the biggest difference of Heroes of Warland compared to Fortnite. Besides, pay attention to your own battle parameters and keep them at their best. Victory will come to you when the enemy’s HP reaches the zero mark before that happens to you.

Matches of Heroes of Warland will take place at a fairly fast pace, so even a small mistake can make your team fail quickly. Each player’s task is to formulate a reasonable strategy and demonstrate the ability to work in groups to conquer enemies. Can you win every PvP match in this game?

3D Graphics

Heroes of Warland’s graphics will not be as good as PUGB but what it shows can be assessed at a good level. 3D design style brings a feeling of realism and vividness needed. Along with that, effects and images are carefully polished to ensure flexibility and sophistication in every detail.

In addition, the integrated audio system is also quite lively contributing to bringing a real experience right on the mobile screen. Overall, Heroes of Warland’s stable graphics will help the game work smoothly on many devices. Thereby making it more popular with the player community.

Download Heroes of Warland MOD APK

As can be seen, Heroes of Warland brings a new breath to the experience of players in the genre of mobile shooters. Although the gameplay is not too new, the unique features that it brings can satisfy the most demanding players. With exciting and engaging real-time PvP battles with team mode, the game will bring great entertainment moments right on the phone screen. Currently, Heroes of Warland has reached more than 6 thousand installs on the Google Play app. This is a positive sign in the first steps of the publisher Nitro Games Oyj on the market. Therefore, please wait for the next great products from this publisher after the arrival

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