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Instead of fast-paced action-packed action games, light entertainment products are a great choice to relax after stressful working hours. Typically, the genre of farm games has been well received by many players thanks to the friendly simulation gameplay. I can suggest to you with Family Island or Mefarm The Monsters Island, a new game called Hay Day Pop APK – the next version of the legendary farm game Hay Day from Supercell. Let’s learn about it a bit before starting to play.

Introduce Hay Day Pop

Perhaps many players do not feel too strange with Hay Day Pop because it is built on the Hay Hay game that made the storm for a while. With Hay Day, its publisher earns more than $ 30 million a month with huge installs on many online gaming applications, such as Google Play. With great ambition, Supercell continued to launch Hay Day Pop in the hope that this game will be well received by the large community of players in the world, just like the previous version. Although this game is still developed on the available platform, it has been improved in many aspects to bring a more perfect experience than ever on mobile platforms. Therefore, I think you should also try it once on the weekend or right now.

Farm building

If you get bored with the busy urban life, you can come to peaceful and fun farm life in Hay Day Pop. Join the game, players will transform into a true farmer with the task of performing farm work such as farming, breeding, … to make lots of money. However, when you start playing, you are only provided with a house, a plot of land and a rudimentary barn. If you do not try to work to build and develop more of your farm. Players will not be able to fully enjoy a romantic and beautiful space in their own area. Think of a setting with golden wheat plots or fields filled with corn or stables crowded with pigs, chickens, ducks … Well, it seems to be a bumper crop that everyone is looking forward to.

Planting and raising animals are the two main jobs in Hay Day Pop. Therefore, as a true farmer, don’t say that you don’t know how to do these things. The controls in the game are extremely simple and easy to understand, so the player will not have too much difficulty getting used to it. Players will be provided with some different crop seeds such as barley, corn, potatoes, radishes … To have a harvest crop, players must sow, water, fertilize and take care of them each day until harvest. Moreover, by raising some animals, you can harvest valuable agricultural products such as eggs, milk, meat …

Countless interesting activities

With harvested farm produce, players not only earn a lot of money but also gain experience to unlock more new seeds, new animals and countless decorative items. Besides, you can also raise dogs or cats to gain more experience and other benefits. Note, if you want to raise them, you must make sure you have enough money to provide food, water, even shelter. That’s not all in Hay Day Pop, so you should try playing it to explore more things.

Funny puzzles

Besides daily hard work, players can also relax a little with the fun puzzle screen in Hay Day Pop. Compared to the previous version, this game has been integrated more screens with intellectual puzzles challenging the intelligence of the player. Besides, the game screen is constantly updated to bring more challenges. So that players can spend more time relaxing in this fun farm game.

Community connection feature

The feature to connect the community of players in the game is gradually appearing in many popular games on the market today. Hay Day Pop is no exception. This is shown when it allows players to connect with each other through activities of buying. And selling items, visiting houses, making friends and competing for positions on the rankings. Besides, you can also get random rewards when visiting other people’s farms. And participating in countless fun activities like fishing, organizing festivals, harvesting honey … Hay Day Pop is like a miniature farm and you can play there around all day. Amazing, isn’t it?

Bright graphics

Hay Day Pop images are really eye-catching with bright graphics. It also looks no different from the original version except for the upgrade of the item system and the details are also sharper. The characters in the game possess a cute appearance and fun expressions. And the sound system is also quite lively to bring a gentle but no less exciting experience.

Attention, Hay Day Pop can be played online or offline. However, I recommend you to use wifi or mobile network to be able to connect and interact with other players. This will certainly be much more interesting. The game is now available on Google Play and the App Store. So players can play it for free on phones or tablets. Besides, you can also download the game at the link below the article.

Hay Day Pop APK Download for Android

A colorful farm on Hay Day Pop will be a great place for you to “travel” this summer. Gentle gameplay, cute graphics, and fascinating puzzle levels will definitely bring the relaxation and excitement needed from the first experience. Moreover, countless fun activities are always available for players to participate in and unlock valuable gifts. Is building a farm with rice, corn, livestock, dogs, cats … is your dream? If yes, come to the world of Hay Day Pop now.

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4.5/5 - (2 votes)