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In previous articles, we introduced readers to a Harry Potter series game called Harry Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Basically, this game portrays relatively successfully everything that happens in the magical world that the series has mentioned. However, if you want to come to this magical world once again through AR, try the Harry Potter: Wizard Unite APK experience now. Although Pokémon GO has brought AR technology a long time ago, it has not been completely finalized, so we can expect the appearance of Harry Potter: Wizard Unite. This will be a special upgrade version to give players the best experience feeling. First, let us find out some information related to this game before starting to enjoy it.

Some related information

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite was developed and released in collaboration with Niantic and WB Games – a studio specializing in creating video and mobile games inspired by the famous stories of JK Rowling, bringing players to own adventure. This means that you can do whatever you like in the magical world that this game brings, thereby showing your ability to become a good witch.

As you may not know, the publisher of this game and Pokémon GO are both Niantic, so most of the elements in the game will be relatively similar development. Through Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, players will enjoy the wizarding world with extremely advanced AR technology that promises to bring you the most vivid experience possible. Overall, this game has really created a craze in the gaming market with many players around the world. The proof is that it has achieved more than 200 thousand installs on Google Play in a short period of time.

Magic appears everywhere

In Harry Potter: Wizard Unite MOD APK, instead of training Pokemon, players will participate in magic battles and collect magic items. Specifically, the player needs to constantly hold his phone and move around to search for mysterious creatures or the necessary items for his adventure. Basically, your main task in this game is to fight with dangerous monsters from all over the map, so your character will always be placed in dangerous situations.

What is special is the magic world in Harry Potter: Wizard Unite will interact directly with the real world through advanced AR technology, so that players can freely move and explore famous places in-game easily. Although the gameplay of this game does not have too many special points compared to Pokémon GO, its goals and missions are quite intensive and improved quite a lot compared to the previous version.

Keep an eye out for things around you, there are lots of items that will assist you on this journey. Specifically, Inn will help replenish Spell Energy, ingredients to make magic drugs and even Portkey to bring players to many different places in the wizarding world quickly.

Mission system is extremely diverse

Join the game, players will have to complete all the challenges built in to be able to receive rewards worthy of the achievements that they have achieved. There are many tasks waiting for you to complete, such as finding the necessary materials to prepare drugs, unlocking the ghost gates to be able to explore familiar lands in the Harry Potter series, fight the Death Eaters, ward of Azkaban, confront the beast and rescue the innocent. If you are a fan of the movie as well as the Harry Potter series, you should not ignore this game.

Besides, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite also brings 3 main character classes such as Author, Magizoologist and Professor. Each character class has integrated skills as well as completely separate parameters to help players can easily choose a character that best suits their preferences. Don’t forget that you can easily switch between 3 character classes anytime during the experience.

The wizarding world is faithfully recreated

Although the graphic design of this game is only developed in the familiar cartoon style, it is extremely beautiful and gives players the feeling of excitement right from the first experience. Besides, the main characters, as well as the context in the game, are inspired by the original series of the same name, so you will feel extremely familiar during the enjoyment. Note, because Harry Potter: Wizard Unite APK is an AR-style game so players need to turn on the device’s camera continues to be able to experience the game to the fullest.


The magical world in Harry Potter is really one of the fascinating topics and is exploited by many game publishers. However, in fact, not many games of this style are successful in the game market because they are not well invested in many aspects. Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is one of the few products that is invested carefully from the image to the gameplay, so players can be assured of the quality of experience that it brings right from the first time to enjoy. Currently, it is being released for free on both the App Store and Google Play so you can easily download the game to your device and experience it anytime.

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