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NameGuild of Heroes
Latest Version1.105.6
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesNo Skill CD
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Guild of Heroes MOD APK (No Skill CD) – an extremely hot RPG game from the publisher BIT.GAMES. Join the game now to experience fantasy battles in a unique classic setting. We invite you to join MODPLAY.iO to find out this detailed review.

Note: You can refer to other RPG games like Heroes Infinity or Lumia Saga.

Introduce about Guild of Heroes

Guild of Heroes is a perfect RPG game, a great product from the publisher BIT.GAMES. The game is highly appreciated by the international community for its gameplay and beautiful graphics. So I think you should try it right now. Are you a favorite RPG player?


Guild of Heroes is built on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter story – a novel series that is extremely familiar to everyone. The game revolves around a battle between wizards with the appearance of the magic wand, flying broom, monsters, witches, and warriors. It will certainly be an extremely fierce battle but no less attractive and colorful. Originating from the rise of the dark forces with the conspiracy to usurp and rule mankind, warriors will constantly fight to protect peace and justice. How about you? Can you take on this mission?


Join Guild of Heroes, players need to fight monsters to complete missions, explore adventures, coordinate with teammates, and master new spells. In PvE mode, the mission system will take players into the magical world filled with mysterious caves, deserts, and monsters. Here, you need to use the necessary equipment and magic of the witch to defeat the Bosses and complete the tasks assigned. This will help players hone their skills, and they can discover new spells.

PvP mode is always a fiery battleground for the top gamers to compare their skills tactics. Different opponents may have good equipment and skills that you cannot foresee. Therefore, even a small mistake, you can be excluded from this game. The difficulty of the game is not limited because it completely depends on the skills of each player. So, never be subjective and assume you’re the smartest person. You can defeat yourself for this reason.


If you are a longtime gamer, it is not too difficult to get used to the controls of the Guild of Heroes. On the screen interface, the player can see the character skill system integrated into the last bar. It usually consists of 5 different skill sets with the ability to deal with the damage, launching speed, and target range separately. Learn to memorize them if you want to master the entire skill. Besides, the combination of skills and tactical elements is important in this game. If you want to be a better player than many others, you have to have a unique strategy for each game.

Character system

Guild of Heroes possesses a diverse system of characters with different categories includes Witches, Archers, Warriors, and Assassins. Of course, each character type will have different strengths and weaknesses and you need to grasp that. Especially, when you want to change a character into another type, such as Archers to Warriors, just change the item for it. However, it may not possess the absolute strength as a Warrior but at least, this will make you do not take much time to play again.

3D Graphics

The graphic quality of the Guild of Heroes is really impressive when it has a harmonious combination of classic and modern elements. The characters are sharply depicted, the images are perfectly simulated and the combat effectiveness is also quite beautiful. All of this contributes to creating a vibrant, colorful, and authentic experience space. It is truly amazing no less than other RPG games of the same genre.

How to Install Guild of Heroes

With the MOD version with the MOD features introduced above, you can install it as follows:

  1. Click the link at the end of this article to download the MOD file.
  2. Allow your device to download applications with unknown sources in the “advanced” setting.
  3. Click the game icon to proceed with the installation process as usual. Agree to any suggestions that appear during this process and you can enjoy the game early.

Download Guild of Heroes MOD APK (Latest Version)

A perfect RPG game like Guild of Heroes is rare in the current game market. It not only owns an interesting storyline, a unique character system, but also an extremely high-end and beautiful graphics platform. Currently, it has reached over 5 million installs on Google Play. This is a positive sign for the rapid development of the game in the coming period. Try it if you are looking for a favorite RPG game.

MOD feature:

  • No Skill CD
3.7/5 - (3 votes)


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3.7/5 - (3 votes)