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NameGTA: Liberty City Stories
PublisherRockstar Games
Latest Version2.4
PlatformsAndroid 4.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Grand Theft Auto is a familiar game series for gamers who love action games with the open world. At the moment, this series has attracted a huge number of fans from all over the world and after a long time on the market, it has not shown signs of cooling down. This is a product from the famous Rockstar Games publisher, so it is very well invested in content, sound, graphics …

Most recently, a new game of this series has been officially released on Android to continue the success of its predecessors is GTA: Liberty City Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money). The game is the next evolution of the series of games about the underworld, so you will easily notice it has the same gameplay as Grand Theft Auto V or Crime City. However, this game promises to be one of the best products to bring the most quality and attractive experience ever. Join us to learn about it a bit.

Dramatic content

GTA: Liberty City Stories still revolves around the story of the underworld with unexpected and dramatic situations. The main character of the game is Toni Cipriani – a famous criminal who works under the control of Salvatore Leone. At the behest of this tycoon, players need to help their characters perform countless jobs and face dangerous enemies. Even if it’s a drug deal, exterminating enemies or even devastating an area of the city, you have to do it to help increase your reputation with the leader.

The game reflects many issues in society about human morality, law, finance … With a compelling story that is properly integrated, players will experience many different levels of emotions through the Exciting adventures in the rebel Liberty City. This game is a vast open-world that allows you to explore and do everything. Are you ready?

Familiar interface on GTA: Liberty City Stories

As a continuation of the action game series GTA, GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK is not too different from Grand Theft Auto 3 in layout and interface. The entire content of the game is located in the open world with a comprehensive 3rd perspective. Meanwhile, in the left corner of the experience screen, an integrated small map shows the roads and terrain in the city. Therefore, players can easily observe and control the process of moving from one neighborhood to another.

Besides, the environment in this game is always flexibly changed from character systems, surroundings, and background music. This creates the necessary diversity to encourage gamers to freely explore the city and experience new things. It can be seen that new elements are always exploited to bring compelling experiences through the latest games of the famous GTA series. This is also the reason why this series has never run out of hot until now.

Is a real criminal on GTA: Liberty City Stories

With GTA: Liberty City Stories, players will have the opportunity to explore the underworld as a criminal. Therefore, do not hesitate to participate in weapons exchanges such as rifles, pistols, or even baseball bats. Moreover, your character can directly participate in shooting matches or a street brawl. Of course, your journey can be hampered by street police. However, if you can cope with that, you will become a criminal that truly dominates the mafia world. What does it feel like to be a criminal? You will know that after experiencing this game.

In addition, players can perform custom manipulations for weapons and characters. The game offers a variety of different costumes such as hats, shoes, gloves, masks … allowing players to customize the character according to their preferences. With the appearance of a real mafia, you can make every enemy be wary when approaching. However, this also causes you to have a lot of trouble with annoying cops. Show off your guts to overcome every challenge in this game.

Realistic graphics

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK is designed on beautiful 3D graphics. From character to the context in the game is described quite meticulously making players feel like you are lost in the real Liberty City. An interesting highlight that you can easily recognize is the dominant dark tone in this game.

Dark colors cover every scene in the game, making everything gloomy and cold. However, it did contribute to expressing the nature of society in Liberty at that time. It is the rebellion of underground gangs, gangsters and the rise of illegal activities. It can be said that graphics are a valuable highlight to help express the story that GTA: Liberty City Stories wants to convey to the community of players.


Update version GTA: Liberty City Stories (Latest MOD) developed by MODPLAY.iO

MOD information: In version GTA: Liberty City Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money), it will give you the infinite amount. You can use freely to buy weapons, costumes for characters.

How to install the MOD version of GTA: Liberty City Stories

You need to download both GTA files: Liberty City Stories MOD APK and at the end of this article.

Unzip and copy com.rockstargames.gtalcs to Android / obb.

After that, you install the APK file as usual.

Note: If you have already installed the version from Google Play, please uninstall it before you install the MOD version.

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an exciting action game

Attractive GTA series is always the first choice of gamers in the category of mobile action games. Games in this series have been developed on many different platforms and GTA: Liberty City Stories is no exception. Therefore, players can download the game to their phone or computer to experience without any problems. However, some game apps like Google Play or the App Store will require you to pay for each install. Therefore, the APK link below will be a great choice for you because it allows downloading free games and unlocking great features.


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