Ghost War MOD APK 1.1.40 (One Hit) Download for Android

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NameGhost War
Latest Version1.1.40
PlatformsAndroid 4.2
MOD FeaturesOne Hit
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Ghost War MOD APK (One Hit) is a new strategy game from RHAON Entertainment. It just launched not too long ago on Google Play but promises to become one of the games worth to experience this summer. First, let us learn some of the special features that it brings.

Introduce about Ghost War

RHAON Entertainment is a relatively unknown game publisher to players around the world. They have only a mere 2 products launched in the game market at the moment. Therefore, Ghost War is expected to help the name of this publisher develop thanks to the great features that it brings.

Basically, this game incorporates familiar tactical gameplay combined with an interesting cartoon image style. Therefore, you will easily feel interesting that it brings right from the first experience. Note, this game has not been officially launched on the App Store, so those who use the iOS operating system must wait a little longer to be able to enjoy it.


Like other strategy games like Teamfight Tactics or Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Ghost War is relatively simple to play but very difficult to win. Specifically, players will start participating in fierce battles with other opponents around the world. You will have to decide to bring the right characters in each battle because each character in the game has its own unique strength and stats.

Initially, players will be participating in the practice battle through the built-in training system. During this process, the game will show you how to operate as well as suggest the appropriate types of troops in each battle. After that, the player will have to fight on his own without receiving any other instructions. Overall, the gameplay of this game revolves around the brainstorming of players around the world.

Control way

The player will use his finger to drag his troops into each square so that it is reasonable. Ghost War will provide 3 basic fighting paths, you will have to drag your troops into 1 of those 3 roads to fight with the enemy. Remember that each road will have integrated pillars when the pillars are destroyed, you gain an advantage in a lane.

Finally, when all 3 pillars of protection on all 3 roads are destroyed, the result will be decided immediately. Therefore, you need to control your troops properly to protect your buildings from enemy attacks before thinking of attacking. Try to focus on destroying a guard tower first, because it will give you a lot of advantages and easier tactical calculation.

Upgrade at the right time

You may not know, the types of soldiers in the Ghost War own relatively diverse upgrade systems. Each soldier owns a lot of different upgrades, if they are upgraded a lot, the higher the power of ownership. This means that you will easily overwhelm other opponents in the battles that you participate in. Remember that soldiers have different prices in each battle, for example, 5 gold soldiers will have higher strength than 1, 2, 3 or 4 gold soldiers and vice versa.

However, players should buy low-cost troops in the early game to protect the base. After accumulating a large amount of gold, you can buy expensive soldiers to destroy 1 path of the opponent quickly. Overall, the tactical element in this game plays a very important role in each battle.

3D graphics

If compared with other games of the same genre, Ghost War possesses good graphics quality. Most of the details in this game are meticulously designed as well as own completely different looks. Therefore, players will always have a fresh feeling throughout the game experience. Although the name is Ghost War, this game brings exciting battles with cartoon style, not horror as usual.

Instructions for install Ghost War

Note: First you need to uninstall Google Play and the original APK first. Then install the MOD version of Ghost War.

  1. Next, go to the blog, search for the keyword Ghost War and download the MOD version at the end of the article.
  2. Start installing the downloaded MOD file, and wait until the process end.
  3. The game icon will appear with the words “Ghost War by MODPLAY.iO”. So you’ve installed this game already.

Download Ghost War MOD APK for Android

Strategy games like Ghost War are favored by many players around the world. Although the tactical element is heavily emphasized in this game, it still knows how to make players comfortable by providing a relatively cute visual system. The controls in the game optimized for the mobile platform so you will feel extremely satisfied with what Ghost War brings. Do not forget to give your comments about this game by commenting below the article.

MOD feature:

  • One Hit (Comming Soon)
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5/5 - (2 votes)