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NameGears POP!
PublisherMicrosoft Corporation
Latest Version1.98
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
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It can be noticed, the current world is the era of strategy games require high thinking from the player than the manipulation skills. Typically, we can recommend some products with this category like Clash of Clans or Brawl Stars in previous articles on our website. However, if you are looking for a game to help you train your tactical skills, Gears POP! MOD APK (Unlimited Power) would be an extremely reasonable choice.

The game was first introduced in late 2006 under the name of publisher Microsoft in collaboration with Epic Games. This can be called the sequel to the popular Gears of War series of games that have been storming the market some time ago on the console platform. However, coming to Gears POP !, players will enjoy tactical battles in extremely cute space with a system of Funko-style character designs. In particular, this game is a game that operates on mobile platforms.

About Gears POP!

As introduced, Gears POP! is a strategy game that requires high thinking from the player. Therefore, if you want to win the battles in this game, you need to understand the rules of the game and prepare yourself for a strong fighting spirit with effective logical thinking. Gears POP! is the place that occurs the direct confrontation between the two players. In it, each player needs to build yourself a complete squad of 8 warriors and victory will be for who successfully destroyed the opponent’s turret.

Gears POP! is integrated into an extremely diverse character system. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, allowing players the flexibility to choose and combine them in a squad. The strength of the squad completely depends on the arrangement and the choice of the character of the player, so the new tactical element is so emphasized in Gears POP! in particular, and games of the same type in general. In particular, after building a certain squad, you can try its power by participating in Bootcamp mode.

PvP battles

PvP battles are probably the most intense battlefield that players can experience to face off against any other player. There, you need to show good tactical skills to win against the opponent, receive valuable rewards and items. With Gears POP!, every battle is always in your control and only you can decide to win or lose for yourself.

In addition, the game also hosts major tournaments – where the gathering of the best players in the world of Gears POP!. They will fight with each other to compete and win the No. 1 position on the prestigious rankings. Can you do this? The answer will be when you download the game via the link below the article and begin to experience it.

Character system

Currently, Gears POP! has owned over 30 different characters from the world of Gears of War. These are Augustus Cole, Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago … and more. Each of them possesses the hidden power that players need to spend time to explore and conquer. Depending on the hobby and fighting style, players can freely choose certain characters to build a squad. However, to unlock many different warriors, players need to actively do the task to open COG cards and unlock additional hidden skills of the character.

In difficult levels, players need to upgrade the character to improve the advantage before each game. Upgrades include two elements that are characters and equipment. Players need to fight regularly to accumulate experience points and receive prizes. They will help upgrade the power of each character in the squad quickly. Along with that, the equipment system is also added through battles to equip the character with weapons many times stronger.


Combined with the Fuko style, the characters of Gears POP! is described with a quite special appearance that brings fun and humor. With 3D graphics format, the image of the game is built quite meticulously and honestly, along with that, combat effects such as fire, light … also contribute to creating a lively experience space.

In general, with intense tactical battles, players will feel more comfortable thanks to the beautiful graphic style that Gears POP! brings. Besides, the sound system is also relatively well invested with funny background music and the sound emitted in each skill of the character. Everything integrated into this game shows that it is a game that the Microsoft publisher has created with all their heart.

MOD APK version of Gears POP!

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Power (Comming Soon)

Download Gears POP! MOD APK (Unlimited Power)

Following the success of the Gears of War series, Gears POP! is really a hot game on the market today with more than 1 million installs on Google Play. Not only owns the plot and compelling gameplay, but the game also provides an extremely eye-catching and cute experience space with striking Fuko graphic style. Currently, players can download Gears POP! free from game apps and experience instantly. In addition, with our MOD version below, you can unlock the amazing infinite features. Do this now to enjoy great entertainment moments

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3.7/5 - (3 votes)

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