Gangstar Vegas MOD APK 4.6.0g (Unlimited Money, VIP 10) Download

NameGangstar Vegas
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Version4.6.0g (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, VIP 10
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Inspired by the famous GTA series, Gangstar Vegas (MOD Unlimited Money, VIP 10) has really resonated on the gaming market today thanks to the attractive features built-in. You may not know, this game is developed directly by Gameloft – the publisher has released super products like Asphalt 9: Legends or Rebel Racing. Therefore, we can be completely assured of what Gangstar Vegas brings during the experience. Basically, this game focuses on tapping into the extremely complex Mafia world in Vegas city full of temptation and danger. Here, you will become a part of the underworld and try your best to help your career advance. Thereby, becoming a famous tycoon in the city to be able to do anything that you like. First, you should refer to this article to be able to better understand this fascinating game.

The plot revolves around the criminal world

In Gangstar Vegas, players will better understand the criminal world in Vegas city and must do everything to ensure their lives are safe. In this city, all mistakes can be punished with blood and life. Specifically, players will be transformed into an emerging MMA champion and are being hunted down by gangsters organizations to force you to settle the score in the matches that you participate in. This arrangement will bring them a lot of profits and will directly affect your own career, so choose between listening to them or giving drastic responses to this.

Of course, you cannot compromise with them because there are many disadvantages to you when accepting the requirements that Mafia organizations make. Therefore, players need to hold a gun and stand up to protect their rights and destroy criminal gangs, helping Vegas become cleaner. Are you ready to do this? Download the game via the APK link below this article as soon as you get ready.

The control mechanism is completely familiar

If you’ve ever experienced some of the games in the GTA series then surely will feel extremely familiar with the control mechanism in Gangstar Vegas MOD APK. Basically, players can help their characters travel by using the virtual steering wheel on the screen and have action buttons to run as well as interact with other objects throughout the experience.

The controls in this game are simple to set up, allowing you to choose between slant, arrow or bar-based steering. The great thing is that players can identify different control systems for cars or bikes, so you can use arrow-based steering for cars and motorcycles based on tilt if you want to.

In addition, Gangstar Vegas also integrates a miniature map to help players can easily capture the system in the game path. Thanks to the map, you’ll see your favorite places to move quickly there. Take advantage of real maps to optimize the efficiency it brings.

Join the big open world

The next highlight from Gangstar Vegas is the integration of an extremely large open world to help players can easily interact directly with anything they want in the game. During the first game experience, players will get acquainted with how the game works through the built-in tutorial system. Basically, these instructions are very detailed so you only need to follow the instructions to get through the familiarization period in a short time.

Suddenly becoming the notorious Mafia in the city, players will be surrounded by big and small gangs with dangers and risks lurking every day. This means that your life is always put in danger during the game experience, so please act appropriately in certain situations if you do not want to be destroyed too soon.

Not only adventure in the vast Vegas city, but players can also do everything they want such as shooting to destroy enemies, robbing cars to escape, try your luck at the casino and many interesting actions such as driving tanks, riding a large displacement motorbike … As a chased person, you will experience a new life like never before in Gangstar Vegas.

Excellent graphics

Gangstar Vegas APK is a game developed by the publisher Gameloft so you can be assured of the quality of graphics that it brings. Basically, the graphics of this game are built on the most advanced 3D technology, creating a beautiful display quality that promises to please all players around the world. The movement of the game is also optimized to help it become smoother on the experience device, thereby giving players the feeling of being having an adventure the prosperous Vegas city in the most realistic way.


There are countless games built in the style of the GTA series, but we feel that Gangstar Vegas is truly the most suitable choice for those who love this popular game series. This game brings familiar gameplay, large open-world, beautiful graphics along with the vivid sound system will definitely make you feel more excited than ever. What are you waiting for? Join the underworld to enjoy the wonderful experience through this game now.

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