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NameGalaxy Mobile
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IGG.COM is a publisher specializing in producing tactical games, allowing players to freely build buildings and complete their own empire during the experience. Some of the extremely familiar names they have developed such as Lords Mobile or Castle Clash have left a strong impression on many players around the world. In this article, we will introduce readers to Galaxy Mobile APK + OBB is a completely new game from this publisher and it has not been officially launched on both the App Store and Google Play. However, players can click the APK link below to download the game and enjoy its trial version right now. Is this game really more attractive than other products of the same genre? Join us to find out now.

Extremely large space context

Unlike previous games, the context in Galaxy Mobile has been completely changed to give players a new experience during the enjoyment. Specifically, this game is set in outer space – one of the places is considered extremely dangerous and contains many strange mysteries. In the game, players will have access to the modern civilization of the nations in space. Through the development of their bases and make fierce battles with other opponents.

It can be noticed that the context of this game has been extremely well invested and conforms to the familiar tactical style. This will definitely give players a very unique and interesting experience for the first time enjoying the game. Are you ready to explore space, develop bases and build modern buildings in Galaxy Mobile? Try to experience this game and make a comment below this article.

Building and developing bases on Galaxy Mobile

In Galaxy Mobile, the most important task of the player is to build the necessary works to serve the expansion of their base. Basically, players will be guid in detail the first time to experience the game. To be able to easily understand more about how it works. Remember that each type of building in the game will have a completely different use. So you should consider carefully before deciding to build something to avoid waste.

In addition, the control method of Galaxy Mobile is also design to be relatively intuitive and vivid. Specifically, players only need to touch the building icons or main features on the experience screen. To be able to perform the assigned tasks easily. In addition, there will not be any control operation appearing in this game to make the player feel simple to enjoy.

The combat system is not really outstanding

Galaxy Mobile also allows players to easily create new stars, planets, even black holes. To make their base area as prominent and developed as possible. In addition, do not forget to upgrade the military system to invade new lands in space and collect valuable trophies.

However, this is not a simple task at all because your opponents are other players from around the world. They are ready to use the good army system to blow your base at any time. Therefore, build an army as soon as possible to help your base to stand against attacks from enemies.

Basically, there are many ways to develop the military system in this game. So that players can easily customize their own way. However, the first thing you need to do is make sure your resources are always enough. To be able to upgrade anything you like in Galaxy Mobile.

Besides, there is an outstanding problem in this game that makes many players feel not really satisfied with the attack mechanism. You will not play the role of a true commander for your army in each battle. Instead, you are just a manager and must manage everything related to the base without participating in fierce battles. All battles in the game will be player completely automatically and without the presence of the player.

Graphics quality is well optimized

The graphics quality of Galaxy Mobile is the main highlight that makes us feel extremely excited when experiencing this game. The details in the game are designed in an animate style but still create unique features. Thereby sticking to the imagination of players around the world. Transition effects in the game are also relatively well optimized to bring smooth and stable for players during enjoyment. Overall, the graphics are the most noticeable highlight that Galaxy Mobile brings. Do you agree with our views?

General conclusions on Galaxy Mobile

Galaxy Mobile is a game worth looking forward to right now, it has not yet officially appeared. But still makes many players feel excited through the trial version released not long ago. Basically, this game possesses relatively familiar gameplay. And does not change too much compared to other tactical genre products in the game market. However, you will feel overwhelmed by the beautiful 3D graphics that it brings. Along with that, the sound system is extremely well design to promise to create unforgettable experience moments for players.

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