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NameFun Race 3D
PublisherGood Job Games
Latest Version1.3.6
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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Good Job Games is not an unfamiliar name to the gaming community as they already have many famous products on the market such as Run Race 3D and Color Bump 3D. Games from this publisher almost have very simple gameplay but bring dramatic challenges that make the player seem unable to stop experiencing them every start. And the good news for those fans is the appearance of Fun Race 3D – the latest speed combined action game from the publisher Good Job Games.

Fun Race 3D (MOD, Unlocked All) has similar gameplay to the previous products of this publisher, but it brings a much more interesting and new experience. In the game, the player must run quickly on the track to be the first to reach the finish line and win. However, that is not enough. There are many obstacles that appear on the track and only a small mistake can cost you the chance to win forever. Sounds interesting, right? This is a relatively difficult game, so you need to know some tips to get used to its gameplay.

Participate in the dramatic and fun race

Fun Race 3D is an exciting mobile game, where players need to run fast to overcome all opponents and become the first to reach the finish line. With this game, speed is relatively important. In the race, there are many players participating but only one person has a chance to win the victory. Therefore, if you are one step behind them, you are just a loser. However, if you control the speed is not good, you can collide with obstacles on the track and this also makes you stop at every certain game screen.

The principle of the game is that you must quickly recognize the appearance of obstacles ahead and overcome them. Also, pay attention to the time of the race because while other competitors are wasting time to wait, you can seize the opportunity to leave them behind. Besides, in order not to take too much time, players need to control well the time of the appearance of obstacles. Keep your eyes on the front to easily recognize their presence on the track, so you can have more time to think of ways to overcome them as quickly as possible. In general, with the dramatic gameplay of Fun Race 3D, running quickly is not enough. This is also the feature that makes this game more challenging than Run Race 3D.


The racing tracks in Fun Race 3D MOD APK are not only like a maze but also more challenging with integrated obstacles. They are the player’s biggest obstacle in the finish line. They can be a wheel, propeller, swaying pendulum, or magnets … The obstacle can be anything and they are different at each game level. This will surely bring new and unique moments of experience that players can not take their eyes off the phone screen. Maybe you will feel really overwhelmed by the dramatic challenges and the unique races that Fun Race 3D brings in every game screen.

As the difficulty is upgraded at high levels, the player’s victory is harder to achieve. However, this is the motivation to encourage players to participate and conquer the races of Fun Race 3D. Many players have commented that they feel uncomfortable to lose because the levels of the game are really hard and inhibiting. However, when winning, they feel very satisfied and always want to experience more. This is also the irresistible appeal of Fun Race 3D – one of the best simple games on the market at this time.

Compete with other players

During the race, the player will compete with the other 2 competitors, and the one who reaches the final destination will lose. The remaining two players will continue to compete with each other in another game screen to find the final winner. As can be seen, the race of Fun Race is really very dramatic but also brings the necessary fun. In particular, the winner will be promoted to a new level, receive more coins, and above all that is the necessary experience for the following races. With the new level, you can open up much more interesting and interesting races. As for coins, you can use them to change the appearance of the character about the skin color or the new outfit. A character that fits your interests will make the experience more interesting, so don’t hesitate to spend money doing this.


Update version Fun Race 3D (Latest MOD) developed by MODPLAY.iO

MOD feature: In this special MOD version, all characters and actions have been unlocked.

Fun Race 3D is a great option for entertainment and relaxation

Despite being an action game, Fun Race 3D still possesses very gentle gameplay. This is reflecte in the control system and the graphics platform. The control system only has two operations: hold and release your finger on the experience screen. As for the graphics, the characters in the game are only simulate as humans with a single color. These things do not make the game become faint, but on the contrary, it becomes suitable for many players. At the same time, the game provides a light experience to keep players entertained in their spare time. With over 100 million installs on the Google Play app, you can be assured of what Fun Race 3D has to offer. Download the game now at the APK link below.

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MODPLAY is a United States games development company. It was founded in 2020 by Alex, with a focus on developing entertainment content for MODDED original games & apps, paid.

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