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NameForge of Glory
Latest Version1.6.11
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
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Forge of Glory (MOD, God Mode) is the latest action role-playing game from Kefir!, with attractive gameplay and stunning 3D graphics. Here, you must fight other players around the world to become the strongest lord. To achieve this, gather a group of powerful warriors and upgrade them through each game level. Quickly download the free game at the link at the end of the article to enjoy it on mobile right now.

Introducing Forge of Glory

Before coming to the details of Forge of Glory, I think you need to know a little about the talented publisher – Kefir !. They are not a publisher specializing in developing mobile games because until now, they only have 3 products released on Google Play. However, each of their games has achieved a huge amount of settings, such as Last Day on Earth: Survival with more than 50 million downloads for Android devices. And this is also one of the hottest survival games of all time, just behind PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. If you are a gamer who likes shooting survival on mobile, I think you are not too strange with the name mentioned above.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is not all of Kefir! when their latest game – Forge of Glory is also an extremely attractive action game that attracts the attention of a large number of players worldwide. Despite being a new product, this game has quickly reached over 1 million installs and shows signs of “explosion” in the near future. Can Forge of Glory follow the success of its predecessors? Let’s wait a bit longer for an answer. But first, let’s learn more about it.


Forge of Glory is a role-playing game that combines elements such as tactics, chess, and action. Therefore, players will have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful matches in each game screen that this game brings. Here, players will accompany a group of warriors on the journey to fight and conquer the monster on all fronts. To defeat monsters, you need to use a unique battle system and solve puzzles by linking similar colored cards representing each character class to release attacks. With as many similar colored cards, the greater your power.

Besides, gamers also need to collect the necessary items to build and upgrade their bases. Building works such as tunnels, towers … is quite important to help players increase defensive power and expand reach around the world. Therefore, perform well the two tasks of combat and construction to compete against the other competitors on the leaderboard. Do you want more people to know your reputation in Forge of Glory? I think you need to spend time with the game every day.

Recruiting warriors

By using soul stones, players can unlock and upgrade the power of warriors. The character classes that you can collect include X-Men, wizards, archers, knights, even sacred dragons with unique roles and skills. The mission of the gamers is to gather them into a team with reasonable tactics, then upgrade and equip them with the most unique magic to start scouring, uncovering all mysterious dungeons, and destroying Bosses.

Adventure all over areas

In dungeons where giant monsters are waiting for a worthy opponent to fight, the player must solve puzzles, walk pass skeletons, try to dodge the flames of the Hell Knights, and the Butcher’s powerful slashes. Finally, use all your strength to defeat the evil dragons. Just like that, players will travel through many different lands, destroy all monsters in the way, unlock new warriors, and receive valuable rewards. Forge of Glory is a colorful endless journey where you can enjoy the most exciting adventures right on your phone screen.

Surround the castle

In Forge of Glory, you can be an aggressive player who always makes an excuse to fight other Summoners around the map. With powerful troops and cunning strategy, you can attack the opponent’s castle and monopolize their treasures. This also helps players expand the base range to build more solid fortresses. At the same time, you can also collect rare monsters, tame, and upgrade them to guard the base. Do not neglect in defense because every opponent has the plot to invade your stronghold.


Forge of Glory graphics is built on stunning 3D. However, the images in the game are designed in the style of classical myth with Greek warriors and legends about dragons. This makes the game really different from direct competitors. Besides, the details are described quite sharp on vivid and colorful context. The sound system is also quite exciting enough to excite players in dramatic battles on mobile screens. In general, graphics are the aspect that contributes to the attraction with an action role-playing game like Forge of Glory.

Download Forge of Glory MOD APK (God Mode)

Forge of Glory is a rare role-playing game combined with interesting puzzle elements – something not often seen in games of the same genre. Therefore, it possesses diverse gameplay, along with challenging RPG battles. Start an enchanting adventure in this game and prove your bravery in the biggest war in history. By gathering the most powerful warriors, you can overcome all other opponents and defeat the giant Boss. Let’s go.

Note: Some in-game items must be purchased with real money to own. If this makes it difficult for players, please download the MOD version of Forge of Glory here to enjoy shopping for all items without worrying about the price.

MOD Features:

  • God Mode
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