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NameFarming Simulator 20
PublisherGIANTS Software
Latest Version0.0.0.52
PlatformsAndroid 7.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Cars
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Modern life makes people increasingly busy with their own work and ideas. In big cities, people are always working hard and looking for opportunities with the desire to become a successful entrepreneur. But you know that most successful people want to go back to the countryside to enjoy the peaceful life that busy cities don’t have. However, in reality, this is not easy because they have their own problems with work, marriage or family. Therefore, many people have come to Farming Simulator 20 (MOD, Unlocked Cars) – the latest version of the series of the same name from the publisher GIANTS Software.

Like previous versions like Farming Simulator 18 or Farming Simulator 19, this game belongs to the traditional management genre that allows players to become managers of a large farm. With a simple storyline and freshly updated improvements, the game is sure to make players feel extremely excited right from the first experience.

The successful continuation of the traditional management game series

For those who love traditional management games, they certainly know very well about the Farming Simulator game series released by GIANTS Software. Although it was launched on the market not long ago, the versions of this game series are always welcomed and praised by fans. These games have been released on PCs and consoles, but Farming Simulator 20 is the best version for the mobile platform. This is a continuation of the success of the traditional management game market. Besides the old features, the game has been updated and improved in many aspects, so it promises to bring players an interesting and relaxing experience right on the phone screen.

Simple plot

Like other games of the same genre on the market, Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK has an extremely simple and straightforward storyline. Players will start everything in a rural area in the US, working on their own farms to create different types of products and sell them for income. The special thing is that you can do everything on your land, from planting rice, fertilizing, watering, raising pets … The daily work can keep players busy but when the products are collected plan, you will surely get a huge income. Although there are many activities in the game, the player only needs to perform a few simple steps to perform them. Therefore, this version of the Farming Simulator is really suitable for mobile platforms and is a “spiritual dish” that helps players entertain and relax effectively after a busy time with real jobs.

Farm construction and development

Initially, the player will own a large piece of land but they are completely empty and untouched. The task of the player is to build and develop it into a wealthy farm full of food and pets. The difference in Farming Simulator 20 compared to other products in the same category is that it is very similar to reality. It is not just a conventional simulation game. The game has no competitive or challenging elements but it requires players to invest a lot of time in daily activities to complete their goals.

For farming, you need to plow the land firstly. Then, buy seeds from the store or use old seeds from the previous crop and sow them. In order for seeds to grow quickly, players need to take care of them every day through watering, fertilizing … At some point, you can harvest them and send them to the factory for packaging. The final job is to move the finished agricultural products to the trading place and sell them for profit. It can be seen that all the work in Farming Simulator 20 has to go through a complete process with many stages. However, you can be assured because everything will have built-in instructions, and you only need to take a few simple steps to accomplish your goal.

Besides, Farming Simulator 20 also gives players many other interesting experiences such as riding horses on the farm, raising cows, raising sheep … This will definitely make players feel busy and excited when to join the game. Moreover, these interesting jobs also help you gain more knowledge and experience, especially they can bring high profits to your farm.

Diverse vehicle system

With today’s modern society, the support of machines is indispensable. Therefore, Farming Simulator 20 APK has integrated many different types of machines to support the animal husbandry and cultivation works of players. Modern vehicles such as tractors, plows, harvesting tools, trucks, seeders, etc. are all described based on actual designs. This contributes to bringing the necessary familiarity to the player during the experience.

Besides, the game also allows you to own the horses and ride them to move on the map. This is also considered a necessary means of support because the map in the game is really large and you can not walk to wherever you want. This is quite interesting, right? If you want to be a real cowboy, download Farming Simulator 20 and experience it now.


Farming Simulator 20 possesses many outstanding features in many aspects both in gameplay, plot and especially graphics. Compared to previous versions, this game has significantly improved the visuals. The details are described in 3D style realistically, along with that, the color coordination in each context is very harmonious and bright. This is a quite well-invested aspect of the game that makes it stand out in the market in the context of a lot of management games are developing strongly. Currently, the game is available on Google Play but to download, you have to pay. However, you can totally experience it for free by downloading at the APK link below.

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