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NameExtraordinary Ones
PublisherNetEase Games
Latest Version1.1.123
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesNo
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Extraordinary Ones APK is a traditional MOBA style game combined with familiar action elements that come from publisher NetEase Games. Basically, this game is built with classic anime-style graphics, and both the characters. As well as the context, are shaped in a fun style that promises to bring a sense of the best interesting experience for players. First, let us learn briefly about this game.

Note: There are many products of NetEase Games that have achieved many outstanding achievements such as Disorder or EVE Echoes.

Introduce Extraordinary Ones

In terms of the play of Extraordinary Ones compared to other MOBA games on the game market today, the similarity must be up to 90%. This game still gives players the system of characters including many different roles such as gladiator, assassin, mage, gunner, and support. Each character will play a completely different role in 5vs5 matches. So you need to show your influence well to help your team win the competition.

In addition, the 5v5 map system has a similar way of dividing the path: mages go mid, assassins. They go to the forest, gladiators and supports go to the lane … The appearance of the jungle monsters is similar to other MOBA games to bring players the familiar from the first experience. Keep in mind that battles in Extraordinary Ones place great importance on the tactics to be able to win. So you need to coordinate well with other teammates on the map.

Control mechanism

The control method in Extraordinary Ones will be similar to other games on the mobile gaming market today. So players will not take too long to be able to familiarize and control their characters proficient in the battle. Most of the functions of the virtual keys on the screen do not change. For example, the virtual steering wheel will help your character move across the map quickly. Or the function key system integrated on the left of the screen will play the appropriate skill with each character. In addition, the system of skills icons in the game has changed slightly. To help players not be bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

Hero system

In the latest update, Extraordinary Ones brings players more than 56 different heroes with a completely unique appearance and skills. This means it will be easier for you to choose for yourself the most suitable character in each given game. For example, Goddess Change with a rabbit always with her, Muqam teenager owns a wonderful motorbike and a magic suitcase, Mr. Arthur with silver hair always wears white clothes and there are many great heroes with unique powers waiting for you to collect in this game. Be quick to download the game via the APK link below this article to be able to own all of your favorite characters in Extraordinary Ones.

In addition, the impressive point that each player experiences Extraordinary Ones will be easily recognized in unique and strange design styles. In addition to creating comic book characters and building a story for each character. The publisher also connects their stories to each other. This will certainly create a novelty in the plot of each group of characters in the game.

Nice quality graphics

The next highlight from Extraordinary Ones lies in the graphic design of this game. Basically, the quality of the graphics in the game is described in the traditional Anime style combined with animation elements that will surely bring players to the beautiful but equally fierce battlefield. The attack effects and skills of the characters are also very elaborate to give the player the most vivid feeling during the experience. In addition, details such as environment, transition effects, interface … are depicted relatively successfully and similar to normal MOBA game products.

In addition, this game has the participation of many famous voice actors in Japan. This will certainly help bring individual character to each character. Do you like a character with a sweet voice or mettle? We firmly believe that when taking Extraordinary Ones, you will quickly find the character that suits your interests.

Extraordinary Ones APK Download for Android

Extraordinary Ones is a MOBA genre game combine with a vast 5vs5 battlefield. The special thing is that each character in the game has a playful style different from many other games of the same genre on the game market today. In addition, creating the world map also has a very funny style that gives players the joy of experiencing the Anime world. Through the fierce battles that this game brings. What are you waiting for? Download the game through the App Store or Google Play and enjoy the fun of it now.

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4/5 - (2 votes)