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NameEpic Race 3D
PublisherGood Job Games
Latest Version1.1.8 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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Are you a fan of simple game series? Want to experience a game developed in the traditionally simple style but still create the necessary charisma? Try Epic Race 3D right now to feel all the most exciting things that it brings to you. This game was developed directly by Good Job Games – a publisher that has been very successful with similar products such as Run Race 3D or Fun Race 3D. This means that you can be completely assured of what this game has to offer during the experience. Currently, Epic Race 3D (MOD, Unlocked All) is available on both the App Store as well as Google Play so you can easily download and enjoy the game on any device you desire. In this article, we will help you better understand the game that is receiving a lot of attention from the worldwide player community.

The race is unforgiving

In Epic Race 3D, players will be able to participate in uncompromising races with other competitors around the world through an internet connection. Open preamble, you will not have to use any objects to race such as skis, racing cars, motorcycles, … in this game. The player merely controls his character to overcome the obstacles in front of him to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever enjoyed a few games from publisher Good Job Games, you will feel familiar right from the first experience Epic Race 3D.

Most races in this game are very competitive immediately. Remember that all obstacles in the game are integrated during the race, so you need to control your character properly to be able to dodge all obstacles front. In general, everything in Epic Race 3D will become extremely difficult in the next levels, so be prepared to be able to face them.

The way to control is relatively simple

Just like other simple genre games, Epic Race 3D MOD APK has a relatively simple control method so that players can quickly get used right from the first experience. With just a few touches, it is easy to understand that you can control your character to move and dodge obstacles along the way quickly.

Specifically, your character will stand still until you touch the screen to help him move forward. This means that players need to look carefully at the map before deciding to move if they do not want to lose quickly. Note, you should not touch the screen for too long because this will cause the character to move continuously and the rate of touching the obstacles in front will increase.


It can be noticed, it is not difficult to overcome the first stages in Epic Race 3D because the obstacle system is arranged relatively little and not too dangerous. This will help players can grasp the operation of this game in a short time without spending too much effort. However, things will change completely in the next levels as more obstacles appear along the way, making it difficult for you to make the right decision to move.

Most of the obstacles in this game appear quite predictable because the experience screen will automatically switch to the scene of your character facing the obstacle in front of you. Therefore, the player will have a certain amount of time to make a decision whether to overcome the obstacle or not or wait for it to move before continuing to control its character forward.

Especially if the character collides with any obstacle along the way, he will not have to lose or return to the starting point. Epic Race 3D allows players to make corrections by creating more opportunities, namely that the character will automatically revive at the position you were hit by the obstacle. In general, this will not affect too much the race so you need to regain your mind as soon as you encounter obstacles along the way if you do not want to be too far from the opponent.

2D graphics simple

True to its name, Epic Race 3D APK shows a relatively nice image quality and simple is suitable for many players around the world. This game does not build image too fussy but still gives players a unique charm, thereby successfully depicting the image of extremely intense and thrilling. Besides, most of the details in the game have been greatly simplified but still brought us certain satisfaction during enjoyment.


Update version Epic Race 3D (Latest MOD at MODPLAY.iO)

MOD features: In the Epic Race 3D version featuring unlimited money, you will receive 999999999 gold to buy all costumes and movements in the store. In addition, this version has been upgraded to a special VIP, all items in the store have been unlocked. Of course, you need to download Epic Race 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money) developed by MODPLAY.iO to use the above features.

No ADS: You will not be bothered by advertising code, because it has been removed.

How to install Epic Race 3D version MOD developed by MODPLAY.iO

Step 1: Download Epic Race 3D special MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install Epic Race 3D file just like the usual APK files, wait until the installation is complete.

Step 3: When the game is completed, the logo “Epic Race 3D by MODPLAY.iO” will appear, you just need to enter to experience it.

Note: Before installing the MOD version, please uninstall the version you downloaded from Google Play.


It is not difficult to find a simple style game on the mobile gaming market today, but not too many games can overcome the appeal that Epic Race 3D brings. As of now, this game has topped the simple game rankings in the UK and US markets. It is recognized that the publisher Good Job Games has done too well with its products, thereby bringing unique experiences and extremely different from the games of the same genre. If you are in need of a game that can entertain you in your spare time, Epic Race 3D will definitely be a good choice.

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MODPLAY is a United States games development company. It was founded in 2020 by Alex, with a focus on developing entertainment content for MODDED original games & apps, paid.

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