Eden Renaissance MOD APK 1.1 (Unlocked All Equipment) Download

NameEden Renaissance
PublisherThe Last Kind
Latest Version1.1
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Equipment
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Eden Renaissance (MOD, Unlocked All Equipment) is the first product from The Last Kind who is a new publisher on the current gaming market. This is an adventure-style game combined with a traditional puzzle genre that promises to bring players extremely unique and interesting gameplay during the experience. In this game, players will still have to use their intelligence to serve the puzzle work like similar products such as Love Balls or Matchington Mansion. However, the distinctive highlight coming from Eden Renaissance is probably in the storyline and the built-in context. Both these factors are very carefully invested will definitely make you a lot of interesting surprises from the first experience. Before starting the game experience, let us learn briefly about this fascinating game.

Understand the built-in stories

In terms of storyline, Eden Renaissance is thoroughly invested to make players feel more seamless throughout the experience. In addition to trying to make the protagonist complete the challenges assigned, players can also explore interesting cutscenes to better understand what this game has to offer. Publisher The Last Kind also revealed that this game is integrated with an extremely long cutscene duration of up to 30 minutes. This will certainly not make you feel bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

In terms of content, Eden Renaissance is set in a normal land but it has changed the climate since a mysterious stone appeared. Therefore, players will have to transform into an archaeologist to learn the truth about this mysterious stone. Are you strong enough to do this? The answer will have when you download the game via the APK link below and experience this game yourself.

Reasonable move to ensure safety

In other puzzle games, players will be provided with available puzzles and proceed with answers to be able to complete the assigned task. Eden Renaissance MOD APK is quite the opposite. The game gives players all the tools needed to move to the final location. All you need to do is expand your visibility and find the items needed to help you overcome obstacles built-in along the way.

Specifically, players will control their characters to move slowly by each cell. This will give you time to observe the entire map and be ready to face the challenges awaiting. If moving too fast, the more your character will face dangerous situations.

Basically, the player will have to try to exit in certain areas. The game consists of many different stages and there are cleverly designed puzzles on each stage that make it very difficult for you to move to the destination. You must follow the correct moves correctly in order to find the emergency exit on the map.

The difficulty increases with time

Basically, the puzzles in Eden Renaissance will be increased in difficulty over a certain period of time. If you overcome the challenges that this game brings, you will be taken to a new land to continue your journey. It is this stimulation of curiosity that makes the game not boring at all during the enjoyment despite it has extremely simple gameplay.

In fact, the game is integrated with more than 100 screens with many different difficulty levels. After each large Stage, the player will be exposed to one of 7 different types of environments built. According to our initial experience, the difficulty of the Eden Renaissance will be increased by 1.5 times after the player completes any small Stage. Therefore, you should be prepared mentally to face the extremely difficult challenges in the next screenplay.

However, do not be too worried about the difficulty in this game because there will be many ways to overcome it. Basically, the difficulty in each game screen will be directly proportional to the concentration of the player so please keep comfortable when playing the game to increase the win rate.

Beautiful graphics, smooth operation on many devices

The quality of graphics in this game is also one of the important highlights that help it attract the attention of many players at the present time. Colors in the game show harmony in terms of layout, as well as the light and dark colors, which are arranged quite reasonably, will make the player feel extremely interesting when experience. Besides, the built-in 3D graphics platform will definitely show the full beauty of the surrounding environment, bringing the most wonderful enjoyment moments for players.


Despite having extremely attractive gameplay to give players a lot of fun during the enjoyment, Eden Renaissance still has many important drawbacks. For example, the interface of this game is not overestimated because it makes players feel confused when experiencing the game for a long time. However, we believe that the publisher The Last Kind will soon fix the remaining issues in the shortest time to bring players a complete game as possible. Now, you can download the game through the App Store or Google Play and experience it immediately.

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