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NameDungeon of Weirdos
Latest Version1.0.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars
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Dungeon of Weirdos MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) – a variation of the classic Pacman series from publisher ChillyRoom. Here, players will have exciting adventures inside the dungeons, try to collect energy balls, and defeat giant bosses.

Note: You can refer to some other games of the same type as Soul Knight and Tiny Rails.

Introduce Dungeon of Weirdos

You may have heard or experienced the famous Pacman game of the publisher Bandai Namco. At the time of its birth, it quickly reached the top of the most popular games on the market and was considered a cultural symbol of Japan in the 80s. Thanks to the prominence of the Pacman series, many games later “copied” its gameplay, typically Dungeon of Weirdos by publisher ChillyRoom. Although built on the mechanics of classic gameplay, but brings a more fresh experience by integrating it into an interesting story, adding other features, and improving graphics. So it would also be a great option.


In Dungeon of Weirdos, players need to take part in the journey to rescue their loved ones. They have been absorbed by the monsters from hell and only the energy balls can help you defeat them. Therefore, the goal of the player at each level is to collect balls from all over the map. After completing the mission, a portal will appear to bring players to the new screen.

Of course, things will not be that easy. The ferocious monsters from hell can appear suddenly and they are always watching you throughout the journey. Be careful with them, because once attacked, players will lose a life (indicated by hearts in the upper left corner of the screen). The game will end as soon as you have no lives left. Besides, the new maze of Dungeon of Weirdos will also bring challenges for each player. Prove that you can conquer them all.


The control mechanism of the Dungeon of Weirdos is very familiar to Pacman fans. Players only need to use the arrow buttons on the screen interface to move the character in the desired direction. Of course, your character can only walk through the empty streets of the maze and the energy balls are only there. In each level, you will face different types of mazes without any previous information about it. Moreover, the speed of the game is quite overwhelming right from the 4th level onwards. As can be seen, the Dungeon of Weirdos seems to be a bit difficult to play for new players.

Items and characters

Players will be given a number of opportunities to overcome each level. Important items will randomly appear along the way and you need to move in the right direction to collect them easily. They can be a magnet capable of sucking all energy balls around or a kind of magic to help the character create a special attack on the boss … Even some items also help move the character to another location whenever he is in danger. These items cannot be found in old Pacman games, right?

In addition, Dungeon of Weirdos also contains a system of characters with different abilities. For example, Fangs is a character possessing a sawtooth that can kill any enemy who stands in his way or Marketeer – a hero capable of creating bombs and creating big explosions anywhere on the road of the maze … and more. Special characters will help players get the advantage right from the start to shorten playtime and improve achievement. Therefore, do not miss them.


Images in the game are described quite simply and unique classic style. There are not too many details integrated into this game, except for the characters, some ferocious Bosses, energy balls, and mazes. Besides, with the background below hell, the color in the game is quite dark. However, thanks to the harmonious color combination, the experience space of Dungeon of Weirdos is very clear and unique.

How to Install Dungeon of Weirdos

With the great MOD features introduced above, don’t hesitate to download the MOD version at the link below this article right now. It will not take much of your time.

  1. First, click on one of the appropriate links and wait a bit to download.
  2. Then go to your device’s settings and turn on drawing on unknown apps.
  3. Why do this? It is a necessary step for the MOD features to work on your device. Finally, just turn on the game and enjoy it.

Download Dungeon of Weirdos MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Mysterious maps, boss battles, and the journey to rescue friends in Dungeon of Weirdos will make a fascinating adventure worth looking forward to. Promises to be an addictive classic game that you cannot miss this summer. In particular, the capacity of this game is quite low (only 70M) allows you to download and play on a variety of devices. What are you waiting for?

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Stars
  • Characters Unlocked
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3/5 - (2 votes)