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Tiramisu is a well-known publisher in the gaming market when it has marked its success with traditional racing games. Most racing games from this publisher have similar gameplay, but they have changed some features to help players get the latest experience when enjoying. In this article, let us learn about Drift Max City MOD APK (Free Shopping) – the latest racing game 2020.

Introduce about Drift Max City

Drift Max City will bring players to extremely realistic experiences through speed racing screens with other competitors. The special thing is that this game still retains the extremely special Drift system of products from the publisher Tiramisu, so you will experience the highest Drift phase during the game. You may have heard and seen Drift technology in practice, but have you ever driven a car and practiced it? Don’t worry, will help make your wishes come true now.


Although this game still exploits the traditional racing theme, it has made certain changes in the gameplay style to help players get a new experience. The play of Drift Max City will not be like other games of the same genre. It does not have too much competition from competitors in the race. Instead, players will have to show their vehicle control skills through the peak Drift phase if they want to achieve the highest score after each game screen.

It is important for the player to perform the Drift action continuously from the starting point until the game announces that the race is complete. Of course, to overcome the built-in challenge, you need to make sure you have achieved enough Drift Points. Remember that the Drift Point limit will be constantly changed in each game. So you must be prepared carefully before confronting more difficult challenges.

Perform the peak Drift phase

Basically, the Drift phase in Drift Max City is relatively easy to perform. This game provides players with a relatively intuitive control system. You will not see virtual steering wheel buttons or other navigation keys appear on the screen. All control buttons are replaced with 2 Drift buttons to the left. Or right to help players can easily manipulate right from the first experience.

However, the continuous Drift for a long time is not a simple thing at all. Therefore, you need to maintain a high level of concentration throughout the game experience if you do not want your car to be hit by obstacles on the road. Besides, the control panel section has three other functions, including accelerator pedal to accelerate, brake or go back in case of obstacles.

Diverse racing system

For a traditional racing game, the racing system is an indispensable part. As for Drift Max City, this game is equipped with a relatively diverse. And rich racing system to help players can easily choose to suit their preferences. Specifically, this game currently offers more than 14 racing cars with completely different models and brands. The important thing is that the specifications of these cars are constantly changing. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the specifications of the car before deciding to buy a car for yourself. Of course, you can also customize the appearance of the car to make your car more personal. More quality, and different from other racers.

Many maps

Besides the rich racing system, Drift Max City also gives players a lot of different maps throughout the enjoyment. Most of the in-game maps will be in the city, this is relatively easy to understand because its name is Drift Max City. Similarly, the terrain in each map will be changed to help players always feel new. And not be bored when racing for a long time. In general, you need to experience the game a lot to be familiar with the types of maps built into this game.

Graphic quality

During the first experience of the game, we felt its graphics quality was quite good and brought a certain beauty. Drift Max City is equipped with 3D graphics format and meticulous elaboration in terms of images will certainly make you feel extremely satisfied. Although the graphics of this game will not be comparable to the leading racing games like Drift Max PRO or GRID Autosport, it still vividly recreates the dramatic races.

MOD feature

Like most other games, Drift Max City requires players to own a large amount of money to be able to buy their favorite cars. Therefore, you can download the free shopping MOD version of Drift Max City on our website to be able to shop freely without any cost. You can even buy a car while the money is negative. It is amazing, isn’t it?

  • Free Shopping

How to install Drift Max City

In order to install the Drift Max City game without errors, we recommend everyone to uninstall Google Play and the original APK if installed earlier. Then you can proceed with the installation, which will help the process do not encounter any errors.

  • Go to the blog, search for the keyword Drift Max City and download the MOD version at the end of the article.
  • Start installing the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.
  • The game icon will appear with the words “Drift Max City by MODPLAY.iO”.

Note: This guide supports both original APK versions and exclusive MOD. If you encounter the APKs version, it is necessary to install an additional APK splitter released exclusively by MODPLAY SAI. Here.

Download Drift Max City MOD APK

It is time to step into the speed challenges in Drift Max City. Hold your thumb on the accelerator pedal and Drift through realistic racing tracks with the high-performance racing cars this game offers. What are you waiting for? Download the best free Drift racing game ever this game to your device and play now. We believe that it will not disappoint you for the first time enjoying it.

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