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NameDribble Hoops
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While the COVID – 19 seasons is being complicated around the world, staying home and enjoying a game right on your phone will be ideal. Especially when you can’t go out to play sports, try Dribble Hoops MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – an interesting basketball game from Voodoo.


We all know that playing sports not only promotes health but also helps relieve stress and provides mental comfort. Not all people like to play sports, but the vast majority know how to play at least one sport such as football, volleyball, badminton … even golf or frisbee. However, if you don’t like playing them in real life or you simply don’t have much time for them, I think you should try playing some mobile sports games like Ultimate Disc and R.B.I. Baseball 20.

If you also find the above-mentioned games quite complicated, then try Dribble Hoops – a relatively simple basketball simulation game but also bring an interesting experience necessary for entertainment. This is the latest product from Voodoo and it is expected to continue the success of its predecessors such as Crowd City or Draw Climber. The game is quite simple to play and control, along with that, the image quality is not too prominent. However, what I want to talk about is the exciting and dramatic basketball matches no less than the reality.

Play basketball

Basically, players just need to touch the screen to start dribbling, move past all opponents and jump to put the ball into the basket. In general, its mechanism is no different from basketball in real life, so if you are a professional athlete in this field, things will not be too hard. However, pay attention to the time and location of the put the ball. If you stand too far from the basket, you need to align the direction of the throw correctly. Conversely, when closer to the basket, players just swipe up to jump and put the ball into the basket easily.

Every time the ball is successfully thrown into the basket, the player will receive a certain number of points. This score is not exactly the same in each round but instead, it can be high or low depending on the perfection of the ball. In particular, after a certain level, players will come to a special screen that requires throwing the ball from a great distance. You can’t even see the position of the basket completely. However, if the ball is thrown successfully, the player will get a maximum score – 9 points.

Hundreds of different levels

As mentioned above about Dribble Hoops, players will probably find it easy to play. So what can be difficult for players in this game? Not only with Dribble Hoops, but every game from Voodoo also brings special challenges that not everyone can overcome them to conquer every level. In this game, you don’t play alone and instead, many opponents are trying to obstruct the direction of your ball.

In the early levels, you may find opponents quite clumsy and slow. However, you will change as you play longer and progress to difficult levels. The opponent will move faster and the number is increasing. They can even jump high to snatch the ball from your hand in the blink of an eye. And of course, if the ball is lost, the player loses. Moreover, the high number of opponents is enough to put pressure on the player, resulting in a risk of throwing the ball error, even when you are very close to the basket. In general, all possibilities are possible but the important thing is the way you deal with them.

Background diversity

Despite being a simple game, Dribble Hoops is integrated with many different contexts to bring a new experience. For example, you can play basketball in the yard in front of a high-rise building or on a green campus, even in a professional football field that has both stands and seats for the audience … The context change is Necessary to inspire gamers in the long run. Besides, the effects of the game are also very nice and vivid.


Dribble Hoops is based on a relatively simple and accessible one-touch control mechanism. Players only need to touch the screen when starting to play, then drag their hands left or right to control the direction of the character’s running. In the last throw, you just swipe upwards in a reasonable direction to throw the ball into the basket. That is all the operations that gamers need to perform on the screen interface. They have been significantly optimized to provide a soothing experience suitable for playing on most mobile devices.

Note: The game is already available on Google for the Android platform, so if you like it, please install and play now. However, we would like to encourage players to download the MOD version of the game at the APK link below this article. Why is that? Because it allows players to use free money to buy the most unique basketball types that only when you spend a lot of time to accumulate a lot of money, you can own them. This has always been the dream of many gamers when playing Dribble Hoops, including me. But now, it has become very easy with MOD Dribble Hoops.

How to download and install Dribble Hoops

  1. Uninstall Google Play if you have installed it before. Then proceed to install our original APK version.
  2. Visit blog, search for keyword Dribble Hoops and download the APK version at the end of this article.
  3. Start installing the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.
  4. The game icon will appear with the words “Dribble Hoops by MODPLAY.iO”.

Note: This guide supports both the original APK version and the special MOD version.

Download Dribble Hoops MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dribble Hoops is a fun game for this summer. If you love sports, especially basketball, it is an ideal choice to play on the phone. The game has simple but addictive gameplay, and its capacity is quite low and does not require an Internet connection to play. Therefore, players can experience it anytime and play on almost any device. Pretty awesome, right?

Despite being a new game of Voodoo, Dribble Hoops has been relatively well invested in all aspects. However, it is still expected to have more updated versions in the future to bring optimal and more perfect experience. Take some time to wait.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money (Cooming Soon)
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  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide

5/5 - (1 vote)