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NameDraw Joust!
Latest Version2.3.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Welcome players back to the simple game world from Voodoo with the latest game called Draw Joust! MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Players will build a model by drawing on the screen, then use it to fight opponents in a 1v1 battle. Speaking to here, you probably don’t really understand it, do you? If so, find out more about it now.

Introduce Draw Joust!

It is no stranger to publisher Voodoo games because, on our website, there are a lot of articles introducing. Typically Draw Climber or Crowd City. They are the first priority choice in the simple mobile game genre that most players love.

Back to Draw Joust! – the quite interesting game has a great combination between simple simulation genre and dramatic action. Players will advance to the battlefield with their vehicles and fight to kill the enemies. However, the special thing here is the novelty of the cars. They are not like real life, on the contrary, they can easily be created by drawing on the screen. They look quite like a bunch of bubbles, so they are light and easy to break if there is a strong impact. In general, you just need to draw and be ready to fight with all opponents.

Draw the cars

As mentioned above, players need to draw cars before starting a fight with other players in the live match. On the screen interface, you will see a few details are displayed including 2 wheels, the operator, and the weapons. These are important details as a basis for drawing a complete model. Based on them, players simply touch the screen to draw curves, straight, folded … arbitrary. As long as with your model, you can confidently defeat the enemy in the upcoming battle.

Note: Before drawing, players need to observe the opponent’s model shown in the right corner of the screen. Looking at it, if you can identify the opponent’s weaknesses, make that a strong point for your model. Ideally, think carefully before drawing because each fight is happening quite fast and you can lose quickly if stabbed. Conversely, if won, players will receive 100 gold coins on each screen and have enough experience to unlock new levels.

Some tips

Draw Joust! is quite hard to play for new players, so I think you need some advice. First, the player should draw a closed model so that the available details are connected to each other. Think about what it would be like if you left out the lines to connect the control person to the model. Certainly, you will lose quickly before you start colliding with an opponent. Besides, gamers should also pay attention to make the most of the ability to deal with damage from weapons such as swords, axes, cannons, swords,…

Once completed, players will start fighting by swiping horizontally across the screen to control their model. During this time, players can move forward quickly to put enough pressure and push opponents down the cliff. Or instead, you can also stab the sword straight to the opponent to kill him quickly if possible. However, be careful in every situation because a very short time is not enough for you to correct too many mistakes. Although players can play the same game over and over, this will take quite a bit of time.

Graphics 2D

Draw Joust! does not own a high-end graphics platform but still bringing the necessary attraction thanks to the strikingly colored details. The battle scene is described on a large iceberg and surrounded by water. Although they are not too sharp and detailed, they are enough to feel comfortable and eye-catching. In general, graphics have never been worth mentioning in Voodoo’s games because their strengths are not in this aspect. Instead of focusing too much on it, experience the wonderful entertainment with the fun levels.

How to install Draw Joust!

Step 1: Uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it earlier.

Step 2: Access to blog, search for keyword Draw Joust! and download the MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 3: Start installing the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.

Step 4: The game icon will appear with the words “Draw Joust! By MODPLAY.iO”.

Note: This guide supports both the original APK version and the special MOD version. With the APKs version, you need to download the MODPLAY SAI version which was released exclusively by us.

Download Draw Joust! MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Draw Joust! continues to be a mobile addictive product from Voodoo. Its gameplay is really new because I can’t seem to find similar games on the market. This makes the game different, and it also brings an exciting and new experience than ever before. If you are a fan of simple games from Voodoo, Draw Joust! is an indispensable name in the collection of mobile games. Hundreds of interesting levels and countless powerful opponents are ready to fight to you. Therefore, do not hesitate to download the game and conquer all difficulty levels.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
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3.4/5 - (5 votes)