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NameDelivery From the Pain
PublisherDigiPotato Studio
Latest Version1.0.9762
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
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Survival games combined with traditional Zombies style may not be too new at the moment. There have been quite a lot of successful products when developing this style such as Zombie Night Terror or Last Day on Earth that won the hearts of many players. However, it will be flawed when you have not tried Delivery From the Pain APK – a survival game combined with tactics with a great plot. In this game, you will have to transform into a normal person and live in a terrible world with countless bloodthirsty Zombies. They are ready to devour your character at any time and you will have to find ways to survive for as long as possible in this game. What are you waiting for? Download the game and discover the interesting things that this game brings right now.

About Delivery From the Pain

The story of the game begins when Faith Energy – an anti-cancer drug research center suddenly cuts off all communication with the outside world. This makes people living around this place feel extremely insecure and afraid of a disaster that could happen to the world. The reason is that in the course of researching, a vaccine to bring eternal life that is truly a mysterious disease caused all the doctors in this center to be turned into zombies. In Delivery From the Pain, you’ll be one of the trapped survivors and will have to find a way out of this place. Take action now to prevent the Zombies pandemic before it jeopardizes the survival of all humanity.

Start the difficult journey of survival

Specifically, you will have to control your character to move around the map to be able to find the essential items for survival. If you are a first-time game player, do not worry because Officer Morgan will appear to instruct all necessary actions. Such as making a quiet move, collecting items,… Everything will be visually displayed on the experience screen. So you don’t need to worry too much about how to familiarize yourself with the gameplay of Delivery From the Pain.

The special thing is that the Zombies in this game will not be too sensitive to the noise emitted. So players can control their characters to skillfully move to avoid facing them when there are no necessary weapons. Besides, these Zombies will quickly give up after a short time if they do not find you. Use this to search for essential items such as drinking water, ingredients, food, weapons … To ensure the safety of your character before thinking of fighting with other opponents.

Building safe shelters

Like other Zombies games, Delivery From the Pain also requires players to build a safe haven before night falls if they do not want to be attacked by Zombies. Basically, the shelter in the game must possess a strong defensive ability to resist attacks from the army of Zombies. To do this, players need to quickly find the necessary materials in a safe time. And you should return to the base before nightfall to ensure your own safety.

The basic indicators related to the character is also one of the factors that you need to pay close attention. These indicators will directly affect the character’s daily life as well as relying heavily on external factors. For example, a normal person needs to ensure all three basic elements are eating, drinking, and sleeping in order to feel happy in life.

In Delivery From the Pain, too, you need to do everything to keep your character in the best condition during the experience. Try to ensure a stable sleep, because it will help increase your character’s intelligence. This indicator directly affects movement speed – one of the important factors in avoiding threats.

Realistic graphics

The color system in the game is depicted relatively vividly through the built-in dark tones. That successfully portrayed the image of the Zombies epidemic that is increasingly spreading around the world. Are you ready to face it? Let us know the answer right below this article.

How to install Delivery From the Pain

  • Step 1: To install the APK version without any errors, you need to uninstall Google Play earlier.
  • Step 2: Proceed to visit blog and search for keyword Delivery From the Pain. Then download the APK + OBB version at the end of this article.
  • Step 3: Move the OBB file “” to the Android/Obb folder. Then install the downloaded APK file and wait until the process finishes.
  • Step 4: The game icon will appear with the words “Delivery From the Pain by MODPLAY.iO”.

Note: So you have completed the installation process of the APK version of the game Delivery From the Pain. With a few simple steps, you should have completed installing the APK file and experience. Wishing everyone a great day and experience the best on the MODPLAY.iO blog.

Download Delivery From the Pain APK for Android

Delivery From the Pain is a game suitable for players who love this extremely interesting survival game series. Through the game, players can experience the unique apocalyptic world with countless interesting hidden missions built-in. Besides, there are more than 10 types of Zombies with different skills waiting for you to discover in this game. The special thing is that this game will not integrate ads so you can feel completely interesting during the enjoyment.

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5/5 - (3 votes)