DC Legends: Battle for Justice MOD APK 1.26.13 (High Damage) Download

Overview Information
NameDC Legends: Battle for Justice
PublisherWarner Bros
Latest Version1.26.13
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage
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DC Legends: Battle for Justice MOD APK (High Damage) is an attractive tactical RPG game, under the official release of Warner Bros. Here, you will transform into superhero characters, possess supernatural powers, form teams to fight the evil forces that are plotting to destroy the peace of the world. To better understand this game, let’s take a look at some of its outstanding features.

Note: Refer to some games of the same genre such as Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.


Like the superhero stories that you often see in DC movies, DC Legends: Battle for Justice talks about the opposition between good and evil. While the wicked are plotting to ruin the peace of the world to become the rulers of the Earth and humanity, superheroes try their best to prevent this. You can also easily recognize the plot of the game through its name – Battle for Justice. That means when participating in the game, you will be the superhero or mutant possessing extraordinary power to participate in battles of great significance – the battle for peace.

Although DC Legends: Battle for Justice has a familiar story, its appeal lies in the gameplay. Gamers can be mesmerized by the unique gameplay, tactical elements, or experience of the power of superheroes. Especially, for those who are fans of DC, they will certainly feel more excited about the appearance of this game. Previously, you could only see your favorite characters in movies or magazines, right now, you can accompany them directly in the tactical game screens. Is this interesting?

Form a party to fight

Nekron is the evil force mentioned in DC Legends: Battle for Justice. They are a great challenge to the peace of the world and also a direct rival of superheroes. To fight the dark forces, players need to collect superheroes and combine them into a team. With the content talking about the world of DC universe, the characters in DC Legends: Battle for Justice will have the presence of famous superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman … Each character will possess different skills and functions, so to maximize the strength of the squad, players need to know how to choose and combine the characters appropriately.

Heroes will be classified into different functional classes including attack, defense, support … A formation is made up of only 3 random characters selected by the player in each situation. To own a certain character, you need to collect all the necessary items. However, if you want to own the free superhero collection, please download the MOD version in the APK link below our article.

Overcome challenges

DC Legends: Battle for Justice has an extremely diverse mission system. Each mission in each level will bring new challenges and valuable rewards. The reward after each battle will include the necessary experience and useful items. Use collected items to unlock new characters or upgrade for characters you already own. The more levels you pass, the more experience a player has for later battles during a long experience. Because this is a strategy game, the experience of the player is really an important factor in deciding the victory and defeat in the battles of DC Legends: Battle for Justice.

In the early stages, players can participate in training mode to familiarize themselves with the gameplay. Then, when you have enough confidence, click on Speed ​​Force to join the fight with other players around the world. The system will automatically pair between any two players and only takes a few seconds for this. Direct competition with others will help you assess your weaknesses and strengths. From there, add or change if necessary for your squad to help it become more complete.

MOD APK version of DC Legends: Battle for Justice

MOD features:

  • High Damage

How to install DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Step 1: Download the special MOD version of DC Legends: Battle for Justice at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the APK file into your phone or PC. Wait until the process is finished, start the game.

Step 3: Next, to turn on the MOD feature above, click on the logo icon in the left corner of the screen. You need to enable the MOD features you want, then click “OK” to continue the installation process.

Step 4: In the end, you will receive special features when enabled on the outside of the screen.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice MOD APK (High Damage) Download

In general, the gameplay of DC Legends: Battle for Justice is quite simple but bold with unique tactical elements that make players feel excited during the long-term experience. The aspect that is more appreciated in this game is graphics. Possesses a realistic 3D graphics platform that vividly recreates fierce battles in the DC cinema universe. Transition effects are also shown relatively smoothly right on the mobile screen. Along with that, how to create the character in the game is also quite unique and almost identical to the original. With the great features we have introduced, this game is really an attractive tactical role-playing game worth trying at the moment.

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5/5 - (2 votes)