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NameDark Days: Zombie Survival
PublisherAzur Interactive Games
Latest Version1.5.12
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a shooting game true survival game, was published officially by Azur Interactive Games on Google Play and Apps Store. With over 1 million installs on survival game charts, it is believed that this game will have breakthroughs to compete directly with PUBG Mobile. Join the game to get an answer.

Background about Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Entering the game, you will probably be overwhelmed by the dark scenery filled with zombies wandering around the city. The human world has completely changed since the outbreak of the Zombies epidemic and spread everywhere. Pandemics have turned the majority of the world’s inhabitants into living corpses. They are always moving and looking for the rest to satisfy hunger and thirst for meat and blood. In response to the current situation, the government and the military have bombed infected areas and it seems that this is completely useless. With each passing minute, more and more infected people and more corpses move around the city. The landscape became devastated, overwhelmed and the weak resistance of the people gradually faded away.

In the post-apocalyptic context, some are trying to find shelter, collect resources and weapons, to stand up to fight against their own fears. Know this is not the end of human life and the only thing to do is to fight. If you are ready, join the dreadful battles that Dark Days: Zombie Survival brings right now.

Find ways to survive the longest

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a true survival game because players need to find ways to survive in the zombie disaster. To survive for as long as possible, the player needs to find a safe shelter, learn how to build houses, collect weapons, resources, drinking water, medicine … As a basis for a long battle journey in this game. Remember that food and water are most important because. Without them, you will die immediately just before being found by Zombies.

Besides, the necessary materials such as twigs, stones … will be the most rudimentary means that players can manufacture and use. However, as the player’s survival time increases, new materials will appear more. And to own them, of course, you have to go find and collect. That can be guns, bombs, ammunition, motorcycles … and they are important weapons to help players kill Zombies quickly. Therefore, do not miss anything.

Kill Zombies and collect loot

The necessary items are not only found along the way, but they are also the remains of the corpses after death. If any Zombie appears, do not hesitate to shoot and kill it to collect valuable booty. However, consider carefully because if the player has nothing on hand to fight directly. They should flee before being killed at any time. Moreover, you should not foolishly invade the lair of the undead if there are not enough weapons, equipment, and experience.

At higher levels, players will face opponents who are many times stronger. Therefore, you cannot stand forever in one place with a shotgun lacking ammunition and equipment. Move often to find high-class items and use them to upgrade equipment. If killed once by zombies, players will return to the original base to continue building the base and fight.

3D Graphics

In terms of graphics, Dark Days: Zombie Survival has an outstanding improvement when combining 2D and 3D platforms. With the familiar the 2D platform, the scene of the post-apocalyptic world is described in detail. And honestly to create the horror feeling of the bloodthirsty Zombies epidemic. Besides, the character system and other details in the game are also presented very well with the 3D format.

However, some fastidious players may not be happy because the colors in the game are quite dark and less vibrant. This is understandable because for some games similar to Last Day on Earth: Survival. Players can still easily see the freshness through the diverse color system. However, we believe that this will not greatly affect the quality of the player’s experience. But rather, it will help to show the context of the game more deeply.

Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In general, both the story, gameplay, and graphics of Dark Days: Zombie Survival is not inferior to other similar products on the market. Although released not long ago, the game promises to become one of the valuable options for players in the attractive survival genre. Will you fight or ignore to make the civilization forever buried? The decision is up to you.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
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