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NameCrowd City
Latest Version1.7.11
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Time
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Crowd City MOD APK (Unlimited Time) is not a new game from Voodoo when it was launched on both Google Play and the App Store quite a long time ago. However, if you have not experienced it, I think you need to learn about it a bit through this article. This is an action game with extremely addictive gameplay. Players will have to find ways to gather a large group of people as possible to win.

Introduce about Crowd City

Voodoo is a well-known publisher in the mobile gaming market, so we probably won’t need to introduce them again in this article. However, there are quite a few issues to mention when talking about their game products. From the first appearance up to now, Voodoo has always attracted a large number of fans by simple but extremely attractive games. You may have experienced the typical games from this publisher like Spiral Roll or Woodturning.

For Crowd City, this game was once ranked 1 on the App Store in the Arcade game category. Therefore, you will probably not doubt its appeal. In the game, players need to find ways to attract people in the city to their team to gather a large squad. Then you just have to lead them across the city to find more people by attacking their opponents and devouring their squad. However, be careful and concentrate in any situation, because maybe you will become “prey” of any other opponent.


Just like its name, Crowd City is set in a fairly densely populated city. 10 players will enter the game, perform the task of attracting people, and lead them into a team. Each match will last for only 2 minutes until the last moment, the owner of the most crowded team will win. It sounds simple, right? However, you may have a lot of trouble playing games.

Each squad of players will be distinguished by different colors. Meanwhile, residents who are not owned by any team will be white. They are objects that allow players to collect easily, however, for those of the other squad, you need to be more careful when attacking them.

The attack in Crowd City is not violent or action but simply you will approach other opponents skillfully to “steal” some of them. However, this can also cause you to be swallowed immediately if the opponent’s team is more crowded. You need to make smart decisions in all situations.


The simple and accessible control system is characteristic of Voodoo products. Crowd City is no exception. Players just need to touch the screen to control the movement of the squad. Movement is also important in this game because when the other opponents are faster, they will develop their squad quickly. At that time, you could be swallowed by them easily.

In general, who owns the largest team at the beginning of the game will gain a big advantage over all opponents. However, you can also change the game before the game ends with clever strategies. When players win, they will receive many stars and they can be used to buy a few available people before each game. The more people there are, gamers have more advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many players have commented that the ads appearing in Crowd City have often interfered with their playing process. Therefore, the MOD version of Crowd City at our website was created to remove all ads, providing a smooth experience for all gamers. Not stopping there, this version also allows players to unlimited time. Moreover, players only need to perform a few steps to complete the game installation process. Convenience and benefits are what you get in this version. Great, isn’t it?

2D Graphics

Images in Crowd City are described in vivid 2D graphic format. Details such as houses, trees, streets are designed quite similar to reality, while the characters in this game have an extremely simple appearance. Although the character types only differ in color, this will give a clearer view so that every gamer easily distinguishes different squads.

If you do it well, your color will cover the whole city and overwhelm every other opponent on the map. This is quite interesting, right? Besides, the lively sound also contributes to bring a fun experience and create excitement for players during long playing.

MOD APK version of Crowd City

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Time

Note: In this special MOD version, you will get the Unlimited Time and Remove Ads feature. This will help you experience better and will avoid causing inhibition.

Download Crowd City MOD APK (Unlimited Time)

If you feel lonely, come to Crowd City to gather a group of people and chat with them. This game owns extremely interesting gameplay that allows players to experience for hours without getting bored. Currently, available on Google Play and App Store has reached the 100 million install milestone. This is a huge number for a simple Arcade game and of course, Voodoo has received a large income from this game as well as a large number of fans. Therefore, I think you should also try this game once.

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5/5 - (2 votes)