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NameCrime City
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Crime City APK is one of the most attractive and complete crime games on a mobile platform, it will help you better understand the underworld through built-in cruel missions. If you are bored with familiar role-playing games like Gangstar Vegas or Grand Theft Auto V, Crime City will definitely be a not bad choice at the moment. Basically, players will become part of the most notorious gangs in the city and must perform the assigned tasks if you want to become the leader. It can be noticed that it will take you a lot of time to gain the trust of your bosses so please be patient throughout the experience. In this article, we will take a look at some of the special highlights that this game brings.

Introduce about Crime City

Just like the games set in the criminal world, in Crime City players will transform into one of the best mercenaries in the city. Your task is to carry out all the business of the big gangs and bring them huge economic benefits. Specifically, you will have to kill people, protect the boss to be able to complete the assigned tasks.

The special thing is that Crime City requires the player to hold a gun and pull the trigger to kill anyone who dares to stop his mission. Therefore, you will have to do everything in this game through the built-in thorough instructions and without any help from anyone else. For example, if the player is supposed to kill a person. Then the player walks up to them, pulls out a gun and starts firing and the same thing happens with other weapons like knives or baseball bats.

In general, players will learn about the criminal world in a vivid and clear way during the experience. Are you ready to become the henchmen of the rich? Join this game to enjoy the stressful moments that bring it.

Operation method

Although it is a game about the criminal world, the operation of Crime City is relatively easy to understand. And does not cause too many difficulties for players from the first experience. Basically, almost all of the character’s actions are built-in on the screen. So you just need to click on them appropriately to control your character immediately. Besides, players need to pay attention to important factors. Such as money, diamonds, energy, … to better understand their situation in each certain time.

With over 500 different jobs built-in, this game will always make players feel busy during the experience. When performing an action, the player will consume a certain amount of energy. If you run out of energy, you need to wait extra short time for the energy bar to recover before performing the next task. Also, if you get bored doing the assigned tasks, you can control your character to move around. And fight with other players or buy some new items for your town.

Build your own town

The second aspect that makes Crime City stand out from other games of the same genre is its ability to build a city. After earning a certain profit from the tasks assigned. You can use that money to build special works for your town. This will help players always maintain passive income if there is no time to perform the assigned tasks.

Basically, the system of in-game buildings is relatively diverse that promises to help you build your dream neighborhood extremely easily. Remember that each project will bring certain benefits so please research carefully before deciding to build something. In addition, players can also decorate their neighborhood through common decorative items. Such as benches, trees, gardens … to help it become more prominent and modern than ever.

Sharp graphics

Most of the details in Crime City are depicted in accordance with real-life prototypes to help players feel vivid during the experience. The buildings in the game are designed relatively meticulously and in detail. So you will easily recognize their true uses from the first time you see it. In addition, the transition effect in the game gives the player a sense of stability through the smooth operation mode built-in. Although the graphics quality only stopped at the 2D level, what this game brings really makes us feel extremely satisfied.


Update version Crime City (Latest APK) at MODPLAY.iO

– Update new features
– Correct character errors

Download Crime City APK + MOD (Full Version)

Although there are quite a few games that talk about the criminal world in the gaming market today, Crime City really stands out from the rest. This game not only focuses on exploiting battles between gangs. But it also gives players the freedom to develop and build their own empire through built-in attractive features. In Crime City, the player’s task is to build a criminal gang, go into the city, fight to become the head of this crime-filled city. Please promote your strengths to be able to achieve that throughout the game experience offline.

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