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NameCreative Destruction
Latest Version2.0.4961
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesNo
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Creative Destruction APK is a survival game developed directly by the famous publisher NetEase Games. You can download it for free at MODPLAY.iO, to experience this unique shooting game.

Note: You can refer to a few other survival shooting games like PUBG Mobile or Apex Legends.

Introduce about Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a combination of the Battle Royale series – the life and death arena with the traditional sandbox style. Like most other survival games on the market today, players will still be dropped into a large 4×4 arena with 13 different locations. Thereby, you will shoot, fight, and become the last survivor on the map of 100 opponents. Along with the fierce shooting screen, do not forget to search for equipment, items, run, and more to always feel the fun in this game.

Remember that there will be no mercy in this battle of survival, all other opponents will be ready to destroy you to become the last survivor. Join Creative Destruction, you will be like a lone wolf and must find ways to defeat all 99 other players. Besides, the control system of this game is also designed to be relatively intuitive and vivid, promising to give players the simplest possible control.

Safe area

Instead of equipping the circle like other survival games today, Creative Destruction will bring players closer together. Through the giant snowstorms that appear in a certain period of time. If you want to survive, it is imperative to control your character to move to a safe area as quickly as possible. Of course, the snowstorm in the game will not destroy you immediately. But it will cause the character’s HP to constantly decrease. This means that you will have to face the risk of dying from the snowstorm. And fearing to fight with other opponents if you do not arrive in a safe area in time.

The special thing is that Creative Destruction gives players a lot of means to move. They will help you to be able to reach a safe location faster than other competitors. However, the vehicle system is also seen as a double-edged sword that makes you reveal your position. Therefore, pay close attention to your surroundings in order to offer the best survival plan in each given situation.

Construction of special works

This game is not just a normal shooting game so you do not need to be too enthusiastic in finding the enemy’s base. But Creative Destruction focuses on survival by encouraging players to build strongholds to protect themselves, thereby using the collected materials to create constructions. However, all works in this game are only temporary solutions and it cannot guarantee your safety during the game. Only survival instinct, agile movement, and optimal weapon using skills will help you survive to the end. Besides, of course, you will need a bit more luck.


Most other survival games on the market choose dark colors to describe the fierce survival battlefield, Creative Destruction is the opposite. This game is equipped with a 3D graphics format with bright tones promising to bring you moments of an exciting and equally fascinating experience. Thanks to the simplified built-in graphics quality, this game is compatible with quite a lot of devices at the moment. This means that you absolutely can enjoy this game smoothly on low-profile devices.


1. Is the weapon system in Creative Destruction really diverse?

Of course, a diverse weapon system is one of the features that a survival game needs to be guaranteed. As well as Creative Destruction, this game will bring you an extremely rich number of weapons with completely different shapes and characteristics. Players will be able to use familiar guns like M416, AK47, AWM, Froza, …, Or even powerful shotguns like S1897 during the experience.

2. Does Creative Destruction have a MOD version?

Creative Destruction has absolutely no MOD at all, all websites saying there is MOD is a scam. Because this is a game developed by NetEase Games, it has extremely high security. Therefore, you absolutely have to earn money between battles.

APK version of Creative Destruction

  • Add new Maps
  • Add much new equipment
  • The map is more extensive
  • Fix more errors than the old version
  • Add new characters and bosses

How to install Creative Destruction

To be able to experience the game smoother, you need to delete the Google Play version. Only after that can you install the original APK version from us, which will be a lighter extraction.

  1. Download APK and OBB version of the Creative Destruction game at the end of this article.
  2. Then extract the OBB file “” into the Android/Obb directory, wait until the installation is finished.
  3. Next, you will proceed to install the original APK file as usual. Just wait for the installation to finish and you can experience this great shooting game.

Note: You need to follow our instructions, and update to the latest versions at MODPLAY.iO. If you install from any other website, it could lead to error and data loss. Therefore, we will not be responsible for this problem.

Download Creative Destruction APK for Android

Despite being launched not so long ago, Creative Destruction has quickly reached over 10 million installs on Google Play at the present time. It can be noticed that the attraction of the games of the genre of survival has not decreased in 2020. So you need to experience them from now to feel the fun that they bring. If you are a lover of survival game series with new points of play, then Creative Destruction will certainly be a great choice.

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5/5 - (1 vote)