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NameCrazy for Speed ​​2
Latest Version3.5.5016
PlatformsAndroid 2.3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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In the current game market, the racing genre is extremely hot and this is why today we would like to introduce Crazy for Speed ​​2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is the next version of the game Crazy for Speed ​​was released by MAGIC SEVEN, and it is also considered a racing masterpiece to satisfy the passion of the top riders. Do you want to adventure on the long roads in the craziest and most dramatic race? If so, don’t miss out on this exciting experience.


Compared to the previous version, Crazy for Speed ​​2 has been renovated and added many features to bring the most perfect experience. You will see new challenges, new tracks and worthy new rivals to compete in the largest global racing competition. In essence, this game is a journey through major cities spanning the whole world. The goal of every gamer is also to defeat every other racer and become the only winner in each race. With a win, it will be the premise for players to unlock new competitions and expand their careers. Are you willing to do this?

Conquer every race

Although the races in Crazy for Speed 2 can be repeated at different levels, the rules have been renewed. For example, when racing for the first time in Nevada, players need to make sure they finish first to become the winner and they only need to race Lap. Do you think things will repeat the same way in the second race? No, the rules can be loosened a bit, which requires gamers to rank third or higher and have to race 2 Lap. Or maybe, in the third race you meet it again, it’s a real-time race that doesn’t require a ranking position. In fact, the content of the game is quite varied and it seems that you cannot predict what will happen in each contest.

Controls have been improved

Crazy for Speed ​​2 has made changes to the control system to help optimize operations on the screen interface. Specifically, players will use the sensor by tilting to the left or right to control the car in the desired direction. However, if this bothers you, you can replace it with navigation buttons. Also, one thing worth mentioning in this version is that the Drift function has been removed. Maybe every gamer is very familiar with Drift because this is one of the most popular features in every racing game like Torque Drift and Drift Max City.

Basically, Drift is a combination of 3 actions of acceleration, steering, and braking. While the player can perform these operations by touch, the corresponding D-pad button and use the brakes as needed. Therefore, the removal of Drift is a normal thing does not affect the experience of gamers. A little difference here is that maybe you need to work faster at a reasonable time. This is not too difficult for professional gamers, even if you are a new player, you can get acquainted quickly.

Familiar game mode

Retaining the game mode as the previous version, Crazy for Speed ​​2 will bring familiarity from the first experience. In addition to the classic mode that allows players to experience races and receive prizes, the Certificate mode is designed as a measure of gamers’ driving skills standards. It has tests with specific rules and your task is to complete all them to receive a personal certificate.

Note, the competition is quite fierce in this mode. A poor driving phase can also leave you behind. However, this is necessary for each player to try to practice their skills. Difficulties can make people more and more perfect, you know this right?

Besides, a new mode called Prize Race has just been added to the game. This is where the biggest race takes place between real players around the world. What does that mean? Of course, the challenge is many times bigger and only the best players deserve to go on. Attention, ensure a stable Internet connection for the smoothest experience.

Picture on Crazy for Speed ​​2

Although the size is not too large, the image quality in the game is still beautifully presented. During collisions, you can see the 3D effect vividly. Along with that, the sound system is collected from the actual environment with high quality also contributes to creating the irresistible appeal of Crazy for Speed ​​2. Graphics may not be the strength of this game compared to games featured the same genre but its image quality was quite good to work smoothly right on Android 2.3 devices.

Update MOD version

  • Unlimited Money: Specifically, the money will increase when you use it.

Crazy for Speed ​​2 is best

Crazy for Speed ​​2 offers a long journey through major roads in the city where top riders can unleash their best skills to conquer every challenge. Despite the familiar gameplay, with optimized controls, beautiful visuals, and diverse racing systems, this game still deserves to be one of the hottest racing games at the moment. If you don’t believe it, look at the number of game settings on the Google Play app. It has reached the figure of 10 million that any ordinary racing game dreamed of. Is this enough to attract you?

Talk a little bit about the MOD version of Crazy for Speed ​​2 at the link below this article. This is a special version that allows gamers to own unlimited money to enjoy shopping and upgrading all kinds of racing cars. Along with that, you will get maximum Nitro features to help your car own extraordinary speed. Remember that speed is the deciding factor in every racing game and Crazy for Speed ​​2 is no exception. So what better way to get the maximum speed? I think you should try.

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