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A lively fantasy world is waiting for you to explore in COUNTER: SIDE APK – the latest strategy game from publisher Nexon. Show off your bravery to fight the giant alien monsters and carry out the mission to protect the Earth. Everything is ready and players can enjoy right now.


COUNTER: SIDE has just been released on February 14 this year after being announced at the GSTAR event two years ago. The game belongs to the tactical role-playing genre and is considered a devoted project of Nexon marking the return of this talented publisher.

Currently, COUNTER: SIDE has not been released on game apps like Google Play and the App Store, but you can still play the game by downloading it via the link below the article. Although it has just been released, this game has received great attention from the gaming community as well as game critics. This proves its attractiveness is indisputable. So what this game has new?


Similar to similar games on the market such as Heroes Infinity or Apex Legends, COUNTER: SIDE offers a fantasy story about the war between mankind and alien creatures. It can be seen that this topic has been exploited in many movie productions as well as in the entertainment field. However, with a mobile game like COUNTER: SIDE, this game will portray this theme vividly through the character system and gameplay. Here, players will go through crazy journeys with their warriors to battle in different areas. Giant bizarre creatures will be your opponents and they are plotting to invade Earth. The mission to protect the galaxy is once again placed on the player’s shoulders. Can you finish it?


If you’ve ever experienced a strategy game, players will feel familiar with the gameplay of COUNTER: SIDE from the first time. The game has turn-based fighting gameplay. Specifically, players will summon characters in the form of cards and control them to fight with special skills. The ultimate goal is to destroy the base of alien creatures while protecting your base from attacks from opponents. Please note, to summon any character, the player will consume a certain amount of energy. If the power bar is not enough, wait for it to be full to continue summoning the character when needed.

Besides, players can also use a special skill during the battle on the battlefield. Each skill will have a unique effect and they will appear when summoned from the player. They have the ability to change the situation of a battle if you know how to control them appropriately at the right time. Think carefully before making a decision because your match will end if the main base is destroyed. In other words, you can lose if you make a mistake and you can only redo everything at another match afterward.

Character system

Each character in the game possesses different looks and special skills. Therefore, they have a great influence on the tactics of each game. The character’s choice is always appreciated in strategy games and COUNTER: SIDE is no exception. If the player knows how to choose and combine characters appropriately, their formation can bring about powerful destruction. With important roles in a squad such as a tanker, gunner, assassin, gladiator, support, … The characters will have different influences on the enemy’s squad. Along with that, do not forget to use heavy weapons such as artillery, cannon … To attack the opponent’s base from afar.

Despite possessing great power inside, the characters of COUNTER: SIDE is depicted as extremely sharp with a beautiful and charming appearance. They contribute to inspiring players and upgrading the quality of experience. In addition, the characters can be customized and upgraded. Therefore, if you have unlocked a certain character, do not forget to upgrade it several times to increase your combat skills. This will give a big advantage to your squad in the upcoming fierce battles.


The image in COUNTER: SIDE really makes us excited because the character design is based on ideas from famous anime movies. Every detail of the character is carefully depicted to show the beauty and expression separately. In addition, during the battle, players can easily see effects such as light, fire, … shown in a true way. In general, in terms of graphics, the Nexon publisher always makes fans feel satisfied. Note, for low-profile devices, you can custom graphics quality reduction for a smoother experience.


Some questions related to COUNTER: SIDE

1. Where can I download the game?

Currently, the game is not available on Google Play, you can download the APK version of COUNTER: SIDE at MODPLAY.IO

2. How much is the capacity of COUNTER: SIDE?

COUNTER: SIDE has a capacity of 77M.

3. Are there any requirements for equipment when experiencing COUNTER: SIDE?

Your mobile device needs to meet the following conditions if you want to experience COUNTER: SIDE:

– Memory: 2G or more.
– Ram: 2G or more.
– Internet connection.

COUNTER: SIDE APK Download for Android

For gamers who love anime images, COUNTER: SIDE will be a great entertainment game for the time being. High-class images, addictive gameplay, and an extremely diverse mission system will certainly be the factors that make players feel impressed about this game. Right now, you can immerse yourself into the vibrant world of COUNTER: SIDE. And accompany galactic warriors to fight for a noble cause. What are you waiting for?


  • RAM: 2G or up.
  • Memory requirement: 2G or up.
  • Internet requirements: Yes.
  • Android: 5.0+
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5/5 - (4 votes)