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NameChess Rush
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Chess Rush APK – is a game developed directly by the Tencent Games that is an extremely famous worldwide publisher. So, how is this game different from other products in the same category? Join us to find out now.

Note: You can refer to other Auto Chess strategy games like Dota Underlords or Arena of Evolution.

What is Chess Rush?

Chess Rush is a strategy game combined with a card style designed based on the original Auto Chess on the PC platform. The special thing is that Chess Rush offers players a relatively diverse character system with more than 50 heroes fighting on a battle that is scale as a chessboard like reality. This means that players can freely create different characters in each battle they participate in. Your task is to build a perfect squad to be able to defeat all opponents to play and win as quickly as possible. In general, Chess Rush will not change too much in terms of gameplay compared to other Auto Chess style games on the market.

Promote tactical elements

If you have not mastered the gameplay of Chess Rush, do not worry. Because everything will become simpler after a period of experience. This means you will have to learn all the content in this game so that you can win the battles that you participate in.

Chess Rush for example offers players a completely different number of characters as well as clans. Each character will have their own unique power and clan to help the tactical element become more diverse. If you own many characters of the same clan in the battle. It will activate their intrinsic, thereby increasing the power of these characters quickly. Remember that each clan in the game will have its own internal integration. So master the information necessary to be able to gain an advantage in each battle that you participate in.

Good layout

Besides the tactical element, players need to show their vision and ability to predict the situation in each battle. Specifically, each character in the game will have a standing position corresponding to a certain chess box. You will have to arrange them in reasonable positions to be able to maximize the power of each character. For example, if you have a defensive character, you should arrange in the boxes closest to the enemy to attract damage from the opponent. Thereby arranging wizards or gunner in the backline to maximize the damage they bring.

Players will receive a random number of characters after each battle, and you will have to use the money you have to own them. Each character will correspond to a certain amount of money depending on the ability of you. So please consider carefully before making your decision to avoid waste. Chess Rush also allows you to upgrade your character by owning 3 of the same characters. After completing the upgrade, your character will have an increase in attack and the defense, which will help you to defeat the opponent more easily. Note, a character can only upgrade up to 3 times in a fight.


Because it is a game developed by the famous publisher Tencent Games, Chess Rush is thoroughly invested in all aspects, especially the visuals. This game has quite a lot of upgrades in image quality compared to the common level in the current game market. This will contribute to giving players the no less beautiful battle on a larger scale during the experience. The character system in the game is also developed in many different styles to help players not be bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

Download Chess Rush APK for Android

Like other games developed on the original Auto Chess on the gaming market. The strategy is the key to winning, but luck also plays an important role. The publisher of Tencent Games emphasized that Chess Rush is not a “pay to win” game that is similar to many mobile games today. Therefore, players will completely depend on their thinking skills. As well as their luck to be able to win the matches in which they participate.

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3.7/5 - (3 votes)