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NameCar Stunts 3D Free
Latest Version0.3.5
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Car Stunts 3D Free MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a driving simulation game that is not too strange for players around the world. Unlike traditional racing games like Turbo Stars or GRID Autosport, the task of the player in Car Stunts 3D is simply to perform techniques to get the highest score during the game experience process.

The special thing is that no cars will appear on the track, and you are the only one to control your race car on an independent track. Therefore, players can concentrate on the control of their cars without having to pay attention to the presence of other opponents. Are you ready for supercar performances and traveling around the world in a new adventure through Car Stunts 3D? First, please refer to this article to better understand this fascinating game.

About Car Stunts 3D Free

Players will not need to suffer any competition in Car Stunts 3D Free so you just need to control your car well to be able to achieve the highest score on each game screen. The racing screen in the game will take players to different locations to give you the excitement you need during the enjoyment. For example, players will explore the race in the middle of the sea, located in the desert or on the vast desert island. Remember that the terrain in each racing screen is completely different so you cannot apply a unique strategy in all the screens that you play.

Familiar control

The control system of this game will also remain unchanged compared to other similar products in the current game market. This will contribute to making players feel familiar and easy to manipulate right from the first experience. The control mechanism of Car Stunts 3D Free includes a virtual button system built into the experience screen, each virtual button will play a completely different role in controlling the car.

Specifically, the player can press the acceleration or deceleration button to the right of the screen to control his car to move appropriately in each situation. In addition, two virtual buttons with arrows located on the left of the screen will help your car move left or right easily. If you are a fan of the racing game on mobile platforms, the control method of Car Stunts 3D Free will not make you encounter too many difficulties in the first time to enjoy.

Concentrated to win

Car Stunts 3D Free requires players to maintain the necessary composure at each racing stage because there will be many obstacles appearing on the map, they are ready to destroy the car and make you lose quickly. To complete the levels in this game you need to avoid obstacles and stay calm before the stunts are waiting. Players do not need to worry about safety brakes or worry about the police will chase you, just focus on driving to be able to complete all the screens that this game brings.

There will be some locations called Save Points to appear in each game screen. It will help players save the milestones that they have crossed, so if you lose, you will be able to start from the previous Save Point location and not have to redo the entire game screen. This is really a relatively interesting feature to help players not to spend too much of their time during the experience.

Selection racing

After each stage, players will receive a reward amount corresponding to the achievement that they have achieved earlier. Players can use this money to own new racing cars sold in the store, which will help you feel more excited when enjoying the game for a long time. Car Stunts 3D Free brings a lot of different racing cars to help players not have too much difficulty in choosing a car that suits your preferences. Note, the racing cars in the game only change in terms of shape and all of them are the same parameters so you need to consider carefully before deciding to use the money you earn.

Beautiful 3D image quality

True to its name, Car Stunts 3D Free gives players an extremely beautiful graphics quality based on the familiar 3D format. This makes the details in the game become clearer and more vivid than ever, giving players moments of great experience right on their smartphone or tablet. In addition, the transition effects in this game are also guaranteed to be smooth and stable, so you can feel secure when playing the game on low-profile devices.

MOD APK version of Car Stunts 3D Free

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Car Stunts 3D Free MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Car Stunts 3D Free is indeed a “difficult” challenge for anyone. However, do not worry too much because just short training time, you will get acquainted with how the game works. Initially, try to control your vehicle to follow the correct trajectory and dodge obstacles. After familiarizing yourself with how to control, you can perform the technical moves such as acrobatic stunting, jumping, driving in the circle … to achieve the highest score in each game screen.

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4.3/5 - (6 votes)