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Overview Information
NameCall of Mini Dino Hunter
PublisherTriniti Interactive Studios
Latest Version3.2.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Call of Mini Dino Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a game of role-playing genre combining extremely interesting 3rd-person shooter from publisher Triniti Interactive Studios. You will turn into a real hunter like Jurassic World Alive, but your opponent is the ferocious giant dinosaurs. Are you brave to do this? Let us know the answer after experiencing it. But first, let’s find out about this interesting game.

Introduce about Call of Mini Dino Hunter

Come to Call of Mini Dino Hunter, players will become a real hunter, taking part in dangerous journeys in many different lands – where the tyrannosaur exists. Remember, your talents are inherited from a family of real hunters. Therefore, when participating in the game, your character does not need to go. Through the necessary professional training steps but instead, you will be engaged in battles immediately.

Call of Mini Dino Hunter levels will range from easy to difficult and bring players to different challenges. Thereby, try to hone your skills to conquer all challenges. Meeting and fighting with different dinosaurs will help players explore the mysteries buried millions of years ago. This will surely satisfy your curiosity about creatures that only existed in prehistoric times.

Control system

Similar to other similar games on the market, Call of Mini Dino Hunter has a virtual key mechanism built right on the experience screen. With the virtual keys on the left side of the screen. Players can control their characters to move left, right, up, and down flexibly in each situation. Along with that, the function key set on the right including changing weapons, firing. And defending will be the main actions that players need to consider.

As you can see, the gameplay quite simple and easy to get used to. However, to shoot down a large dinosaur along with their hard skin is not easy. In particular, after the small dinosaurs are destroyed, the Boss will appear and of course. It has an appearance many times larger than the small ones, and its personality is also extremely aggressive. Facing and battling it is a big challenge for inexperienced players. Therefore, please get acquainted and hone your skills as soon as possible through the previous level.

Fight and conquer many challenges

At present, Call of Mini Dino Hunter has more than 50 different game levels with increasing difficulty. With 50 levels, 50 missions are integrated and they require the player to spend more time to complete. Therefore, you may always feel busy when participating in the game. But this is also a factor that helps players feel excited during a long experience.

Moreover, through many challenges, players will have the opportunity to meet more than 32 different dinosaurs and receive valuable gifts. If you can afford it, you can conquer every challenge and receive the noble medals in this game. This is a reward only for the best and if you can afford it, let us know your level.

Upgrade characters and unlock weapons

After certain levels, players will receive coins and they can be used to unlock costumes, weapons, or upgrades for characters. Currently, the weapons system of Call of Mini Dino Hunter has more than 20 different types including bows, arrows, pistols, heavy machine guns … They are the most important means in the hunt. And if you do not have enough money to own high-end guns, use bows and arrows instead. Don’t be foolish to hunt dinosaurs with your bare hands because you won’t know when the danger will come.

In addition, players can upgrade characters to a new level so that they own greater power, and beautify them by unlocking new costumes. Some items can be purchase with coins but high-end items require players to pay real money to own. Therefore, if you want to own everything for free, please download the game by clicking on the APK link below to lock out many great infinite features.

MOD APK version of Call of Mini Dino Hunter

MOD Features:

Unlimited Money

Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

It is undeniable that in the current game market, there are many products of the same type that possess many more great features than Call of Mini Dino Hunter. However, this game is a completely new experience that allows players to fight dinosaurs as a true hunter. Instead of integrating a realistic 3D graphics platform, Call of Mini Dino Hunter uses simple LEGO-style graphics. Therefore, becomes close and familiar with the player community. This is also a strong point worth talking about this game compare to any other game of the same kind. So you can be assured experience quality.

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